Guys, Girls: Spritz on Some Spring

Our favorite season is approaching, and we couldn't be more excited. Spring brings fresh flowers, leisurely days spent exploring new neighborhoods, and picnics in the park with friends and a bottle of rosé. (You know, like the "after" segment of an allergy medication commercial.) With all the delicious things in bloom this time of year, you'll need a fragrance that can compete. Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite spring scents.

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For Girls

You know that feeling when you walk out your front door and smell the spring air for the first time? It's just glorious—and these perfumes have managed to bottle that. Dolce and Gabbana's latest fragrance, Rosa Excelsa, has the perfect rose scent nailed: rosy for sure, but not at all powdery. A spray of Aerin's new Mediterranean Honeysuckle is light, lemony, and utterly delightful, while Tom Ford's Black Orchid presents a darker twist on the trend, making for a romantic evening scent, as does Nirvana by Elizabeth and James, with notes of sandalwood, violet, and vanilla. You can't help but smile when you put a dab of Fresh's grapefruit-evoking perfume on your wrist: it's sweet, fresh, and fun. And Creed's Spring Flower is the ultimate classic: an investment for sure, but this beautifully packaged scent (it comes in a fuchsia bottle with a grosgrain bow!), with notes of peach, jasmine, and apple, is exuberant.

Most Popular

1. Nirvana by Elizabeth and James, $80,; 2. Dolce Rosa Excelsa by Dolce and Gabbana, $74,; 3. Mediterranean Honeysuckle by Aerin, $110,; 4. Hesperides Grapefruit by Fresh, $90,; 5. Black Orchid by Tom Ford, $115,; 6. Spring Flower by Creed, $305,

For Guys

We commend the guy who's not afraid to experiment with a floral cologne. Upgrading from a traditionally spicy, masculine scent is a bold move, and one which we think has considerable rewards: floral scents are fresh, earthy, smooth, and lend an air of confidence. Our recommendations for spring are sweet, but not saccharine. Malin + Goetz's Citron Vert and Odin's Vert Reseda, both new releases, smell like fresh-cut grass and remind us of days spent lazing in the park. Speaking of parks, Bond No. 9's take on spring fragrance is inspired by one of our all-time favorites: Central Park. Atelier Cologne's aroma is effervescent and light, with notes of bergamot and jasmine, making for the perfect antidote to a rainy day. And Guilty Eau Pour Homme by Gucci, and Santal 33 by Le Labo add a bit of musk to the mix, resulting in sultry, intoxicating scents.

1. Vert Reseda by Odin, $210,; 2. Bergamote Soleil Cologne Absolue by Atelier Cologne, $120,; 3. Citron Vert by Malin + Goetz, $150,; 4. Santal 33 by Le Labo, $260,; 5. Guilty Eau Pour Homme by Gucci, $85,; 6. Central Park by Bond No. 9, $190,

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