Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Dollar Shave Club was once a company dedicated to razors, but now it caters to a range of men's grooming needs. With the launch of the Wanderer collection, the brand is changing the way guys think about showers, with revitalizing scents, natural ingredients, and an overall approach to cleaning skin with a purpose.

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Fadi Mourad, the chief innovation officer of Dollar Shave Club, spends his days listening to skin complaints from men—about three million of them, all members of the club's subscription razor service. A common issue got him thinking. "Guys told us their skin always felt dry, itchy, and uncomfortable throughout the day," Mourad says. After some time of this, Mourad and his team decided to investigate—and try to solve—these dry-skin problems.

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"As we talked to them more about this issue, we identified that the problem was actually due to their shower habits," he says. "They were using cleansers that were harsh and stripping, causing their skin to feel uncomfortable." From there, the DSC team decided to educate men on showering, both through information and a sparkling new product line.

"The shower is a place where he can relax, recharge, and let his mind 'wander.'"

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The result is Wanderer, a collection named in honor of the freewheeling style of thinking that happens in the shower. Speaking of his customer base Mourad notes, "the shower is a place where he can relax, recharge, and let his mind 'wander.'" He adds that members "told us that they look forward to the shower for either relieving the stress of a long, hard day, or getting ready to tackle it." 

With this crucial information in hand, Dollar Shave Club designed their Wanderer collection to include two body washes, two bar soaps, one face wash, and a nifty cleansing cloth. "We developed the Wanderer line of sulfate-free cleansers for face and body to include soothing and hydrating extracts," Mourad says, "like black walnut and ginseng root along with vitamins A, B, and E." With these emollient ingredients, guys can combat dryness, starting with a good old-fashioned rubdown, instead of solely relying on greasy post-shower moisturizers.

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The products use refreshing scents such as mint and cedar and calming ones like amber and lavender to cater to morning and evening showers, respectively. The next step? Shampoo and conditioner.

Take a moment to reevaluate your shower time, and consider adding one (or all) of these invigorating items to your routine.

Awakening Body Bar with Mint & Cedarwood, $8,
Awakening Body Cleanser with Mint & Cedarwood, $10,
Calming Body Bar with Amber & Lavender, $8,
Calming Body Cleanser with Amber & Lavender, $10,
Lathering Cloth, $5,
Hydrating Daily Face Cleanser with Citrus & Hawaiian Ginger, $6,
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