It's Time to Beautify Your Feet

Summer's almost here, and that means you will soon be able to frolic around in all manner of open-toed shoes. Not so fast, though! Before you slip into your favorite sandals, you'll want to make sure your feet are ready for their big debut. Here's how to do just that.

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Step 1: Get a Pedicure Suitable for Opening the Season

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Your feet deserve a refreshing pedicure after months of being crammed into boots. A top-notch treatment consists of dead-skin removal, cuticle cleanup, and a massage.

Takeaway Tip: Don't just step into any random salon—go to a trusted business that utilizes new, disposable tools and that's sparkling clean. For added protection, make sure your nail technician wears gloves, and if you're wary of infection, ask for cuticles to be removed chemically rather than be cut with scissors.  

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Your initial, extra-thorough pedicure should set the tone for the rest of the season. After that, it's all about maintenance.

Here are a few of our favorite indulgent foot treatments.

Ultimate Luxury Foot Therapy, $198 at Margaret Dabbs, London

This service features emu oil, an anti-aging and hydrating agent. A relaxing, 70-minute foot massage in London? Sounds like our kind of activity.

Instant Foot Relief, $90 at Lapis Spa, Miami Beach, FL,
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When you're in Miami, there are a couple of things you should do: eat, hit the beach, and get the foot massage at the Lapis Spa in the Fontainebleau hotel. It involves techniques that reduce swelling and pain from all of that travelling you've been doing. 

The Signature Hands and Feet Treatment, $120 at the Nayara Hotel, Costa Rica

The Nayara Hotel in Costa Rica features one of the most invigorating treatments in the game: it involves a coffee scrub followed by a mask of volcanic mud.

Gentlemen's Nail Grooming, $34 at the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok
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Guys, get a quick but thorough pedicure at the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok, if for no other reason than just to see inside the spa: it's lauded as one of the best in the world.

Step 2: Moisturize Like Your Life Depends On It

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Between pedicures, maintain your skin's softness by moisturizing your feet each day, giving extra attention to toes and the soles. Moisturizer replenishes the skin's natural defenses—all that walking barefoot in the sun is going to wear them down, so keep it up all season, and beyond!

Takeaway Tip: Before you go to sleep, apply a deep-conditioning cream to your feet and slip on a pair of thin socks.

The Products:

Hydrating Foot Soak by Margaret Dabbs, $33,
Alpine Foot Butter, $18,
Shea Butter Foot Cream, $28,
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Step 3: Groom Your Way to Healthy Nails

Just as you would with your fingernails, you should regularly clip, file, and buff toenails, whether you want to paint them or not. A thorough, bi-weekly ritual will help combat dullness and the dreaded ingrown toenail. And clean, well-groomed nails will make that coral or sky-blue polish pop so much more.

Takeaway Tip: Use a glass or crystal nail file, as it won't create microscopic tears, as metal and emory files can.

The Products:

Nail Clipper by Premax, $20,
Smooth Operator 4-Way Nail Buffer, $20,

Step 4: Attack Dead Skin Without Mercy

There are two solid ways to go about removing flaky, peeling skin. You can take the chemical route with an exfoliating foot mask or ointment, or you can eradicate it the old-fashioned way by rubbing rough spots with a pumice stone. Now your bare feet will nicely glide over the sand as you take that oceanside stroll.

Takeaway Tip: Avoid scrapers and other sharp objects, as these are best left to the professionals.

The Products:

Dream Feet Exfoliating Foot Mask by Felicity, $20,
G.E.A.R. Two Sided Siliglass Pumice Stone by Tweezerman, $8,
Pedi-Boost, $32,
Pedi Scrub Exfoliating Gel by Gena, $18,
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