Liner Notes

With a calligraphy-inspired tip and matte finish, M.A.C's new eyeliner is truly on point.

M.A.C Fluidity Eyeliner Pen
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Whether you're a liquid liner devotee or prefer to rim your lash line with black kohl pencil, eyeliner loyalty is real. We get it: when you finally find a product you love, why add another? However, it's worth freeing up a little space in your makeup bag for the newest liner from M.A.C.

With its thin, penlike shape and inky formula, the Fluidity Eyeliner seems like all the rest—until you actually use it. The ultrapointy tip allows for extreme precision (meaning no smudging or crooked streaks). Plus, the ink dries immediately for a matte finish that lasts all day. There's a good chance you'll get your swoop right on the first try, and even better, you won't have to reapply it. Consider this a creative way to practice your penmanship every time you use it.

M.A.C Fluidity Eyeliner Pen, $22,

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