Save Your Skin With Body Moisturizer

When it comes to skin care, the face gets, well, a lot of face time. But the rest of your body deserves time in your regimen, too. We've rounded up the best lotions, oils, and creams available—find your favorite and read our tips for getting the most out of every product!

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Editor's Note: During a recent conversation with friends, I was appalled to find that most of them don't use body moisturizer. As the child of a mother who always made me eat breakfast and continues to call asking if I've cleaned my room, applying lotion right after a shower was a necessity instilled in me ever since I could pump the stuff out of a bottle. As a less-nagging version of my mother, I present this story as a plea to get you all to moisturize your skin.

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Give all your skin the TLC it needs by using the essential products below. 

Quick-Dry Lotions

Lotions are perfect for those "you only have five minutes to get out of the door but you just woke up" moments. Apply these quick-absorbing, no-fuss formulas and they'll keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. 

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Emollient Creams 

After a long bath, take the time to rub a nourishing cream over your freshly cleansed body. Try to always apply a cream post-shower or bath as the dampness of your skin will help evenly distribute the product for better absorption. It will make the outer layer look bright and feel silky smooth. 

Hydrating Oils

Replenish natural oils stripped by soaps with an oil-based product that is rich in nourishing vitamins and essential oils. Choose one with a pleasant scent and you're well on your way to a DIY spa day. 

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