This High Tech Mirror Will Blow You Away

How smart is your mirror, really? Almost certainly not as smart as Simplehuman's Sensor Mirror Pro, which has over 50,000 color variations and simulates natural light. Never again will you need to ask yourself, "Will I look good in that lighting?" Because you will.

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At first glance, Simplehuman's Sensor Mirror Pro appears as if it's a basic table mirror. Clean lines and beautiful utilitarian design, hallmarks of the brand, make it a lovely addition to any surface in your home. The surface has 5x magnification, allowing you to see your whole face at once in amazing detail, and there's even a small magnetic and detachable mirror with a 10x magnification to ensure supreme precision. It's the kind of nuanced detail that we've come to expect from Simplehuman, a company which has also managed to turn the humble trash can into an art form. But it pales into insignificance compared to the other tricks up the sleeves of this latest invention. Just wait.

Sensor Mirror Pro, $250,
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As its name suggests, the mirror is equipped with sensors. They detect your face when you're in close range, so it lights up as a kind of welcome. It's a bit like someone at your house leaving the lights on for you. Again, though, there is more. So much more.

This mirror is so advanced it practically redefines the word. By replicating natural light, and incorporating what the company calls a Tru-Lux system, the mirror ensures the most color-correct view of your skin at all times. No more walking a few feet from your bathroom only to rush back in to reapply because your makeup doesn't match your skin tone.

Amazon Alexa and the Sensor Mirror Pro work well together when you don't want concealer-covered fingers dirtying your phone screen.

The accompanying app allows you to capture the lighting of various places (by means of a selfie, of course). Then the mirror (which is also compatible with Nest, Amazon Alexa, and various other life-streamlining apps) can recreate the lighting settings of your most frequented locations—the gym, office, local bar, art museum—so you know before leaving how your skin is going to look. Alter the shade of your blush, thickness of eyeliner, whatever you like, to enhance the lighting of where you'll be going—your Instagram and Snapchat feeds aren't going to know what's hit them.

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That is what we call in the industry a total game changer.

A side mirror of the smart house appliance.

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From: Seventeen
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