15 Cleansers That'll Make You Happy to Wash Your Face

It can be hard to follow the same routine every single day, especially when it involves cleaning your face morning and night. But a nicely packaged cleanser can serve as a fun reminder to do so. Incorporate a good-looking face wash into your regimen and you'll see (and feel) the results in no time.

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The Brighteners

If your skin starts to look dull or tired over the course of the day, you can perk things up a bit with anti-aging and energy-boosting cleansers that work to keep your face looking lively all day long.

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The Oil-Strippers

Clear up grime and clogged pores with alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids as well as natural oil-fighters like grapefruit and charcoal.

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The Softeners

Calming and hydrating formulas are the way to go if your face is easily irritated. And with these options, you'll be able to fight off dryness and redness at the same time.

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