Forever Young

Meet the high-tech gadget that just might be the secret to glowy skin.

What do you get when electrical engineers, scientists, medical doctors, and an in-demand celebrity skincare guru spend 10 years creating a facial device? Quite possibly the most innovative (and best-looking) at-home skincare tool out there.

The sleek, gold-trimmed gadget (it's smaller than your hand!) delivers a powerful stream of electric nano-currents to the face and neck—a treatment inspired by esthetician Melanie Simon's sought-after $595 Chemistry Facial. Using the device once a week for just 12 minutes has been shown to prevent acne and signs of aging, smooth fine lines around the eyes, and give users that post-facial radiance. Even cooler? The device can be controlled and programmed via the Ziip app on an iPhone or iPad. And in case the whole electrical current thing sounds torturous, not to worry: when we gave Ziip a try, all we felt was some minor tingling, followed by a major glow.

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ZIIP Nano Current Skincare Device, $495,

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