Discover Your "My Lips But Better" Shade

For an everyday color that will always complement your skin (and match all of your outfits), find out how to pick the perfect MLBB below!

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Not everyone's lips are the same shade of pink—and that's OK! There are lipsticks, tints, and glosses that will bring out your natural flush, whatever it may be, for a beautiful finish that can only be achieved with the help of a product.

But you can't blindly choose an MLBB from the lipstick patch and expect it to work. Match shades according to the undertones of your lips as well as the inner part of your wrist where it meets your palm.

An MLBB shade complements model Shanina Shaik's barely there makeup for the fall 2016 Ralph & Russo show in Paris. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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First, eyeball shades according to the color of your bare lips (making sure your lips are moisturized and flake-free). Then swatch (meaning, draw little lines of colors) potential options on the wrist area and compare: the hue that most closely resembles that area's color will be your winner. If you're unsure, have a makeup guru at your local Sephora or department store help you.

Finally, the great thing to remember about MLBBs is that they are buildable, so you can wear them sheer or layer on color as much as you want. It's all about customization with these!

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To help you find your MLBB, we've gathered some of the best shades for all lip undertones.

For All Undertones

There are a couple of lip products that react to the warmth and pH of your skin to bring out the natural pink in your lips. Some of these come in green sticks, but don't be alarmed: you won't be walking around with a Kermit the Frog pout.

For Cool Undertones

If your skin has blue or vibrant red undertones, chances are your lips are naturally bright pink or on the paler side of the spectrum. Look out for blue-pinks and lighter mauves.

For Warm Undertones

For golden and yellow-based complexions, lips can range from mauve to deeper browns, so go for colors with warmer, richer bases.

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