The Products You Should Definitely, Definitely Travel With

The Sweet editors share their travel-beauty secrets.

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Chantal Strasburger

assistant editor, @chantagold

1. The True Cream Aqua Bomb by Belif, $22, 2. Baby Sunscreen Stick by Neutrogena Pure & Free, $8, 3. Thermal Spring Water by Avène, $8 4. Skin Stick, $34, 5. Philosykos Perfume Oil Roll-On, $55
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1. Face Cream: I've tried a lot of face creams in my time (thank you, Sweet beauty closet!), but nothing has felt as instantly moisturizing as this cream.

2. Sunscreen for BBs: I won't go anywhere without SPF—and this conveniently compact stick makes it easy to apply on the fly, mess-free. And while, yes, it's technically a baby product, that makes it all the more gentle on my skin!

3. Facial Spray: Nothing wakes me up from an airplane slumber quicker than a spritz of water. Facial sprays are a refreshing jolt that will snap you back to life quickly enough that you may actually remember your phone in the seatback in front of you.

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4. Perfume To-Go: No matter how fresh I enter a flight, I'm still going to deplane smelling like a plane. So I consider roll-on perfumes my contingency plan. A blend of fig leaves, wood, and white cedar, this perfume oil makes me smell like I just came back from a gentle jaunt through a garden.

5. The Multitasker: The key to efficient travelling is efficient products, so when something is 30-in-1, you know you've found a keeper. This Skin Stick can be a lip balm, cheekbone highlighter, eyebrow smoother, hand moisturizer, cuticle conditioner.

Mallory Rice

deputy editor, @mallory-rice

1. Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer, $46, 2. Hello Kitty Adhesive Bandages by Band-Aid, $4, 3. Professional Mini Titanium Straightener Half-Inch, $26, 4. Travel-Size Whitening Mint by Marvis, $8, 5

1. World's Best Primer: Oh yeah, I'm calling it. Dermalogica makes the world's best primer (it smooths and color-corrects like no other), and its slim shape makes it perfect for packing.

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2. Cute Band-Aids: I mean, if I'm going to get injured while I'm on vacation, I might as well do something absolutely adorable about it.

3. Tiny Straightener: I usually let my hair air dry, but as air dryers know, sometimes a few errant wisps need to be heated into submission. This one does the trick and barely takes up any space in my suitcase.

4. Fancy Mini Toothpaste: Sometimes when I'm traveling, I miss my regular routine a little bit. That's why I like bringing a travel-size version of the toothpaste I use at home—it's one small comfort that can make me feel like I have my shit together even when I don't.

5. Lip Stuff: I don't want to spend a ton of time primping while I'm on the go, so I love Glossier's Cherry Balm Dot Com because it's a quick solution for adding color to cheeks and lips.

Abbey Maxbauer

editorial intern, @abbeymaxbauer

1. Burt's Bees Cucumber and Sage Facial-Cleansing Towelettes, $5, 2. Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, $15, 3. Seaweed Night Cream by Mario Badescu, $22, 4. Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Soufflé Moisturizer,

1. Face Wipes: A terrible habit that I'm trying to kick is the habit of going to sleep with my makeup on. So far, the only solution has been to travel with a pack of these calming wipes to make makeup removal as convenient as possible.

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2. Eye Cream: My number-one travel necessity is eye cream, particularly this eye cream from 100 Percent Pure, because I truly believe it makes me look more awake and because the skin around my eyes is especially sensitive to dehydration when I travel.

3. Night Cream: Keeping with the moisturizing theme, I always travel with this super-hydrating night cream. After a long day, nothing feels more luxurious than putting on a layer of this rich cream, knowing that I'll wake up with my best, smoothest skin.

4. Hand Cream: One more moisturizer! This is actually a facial moisturizer, but I prefer it as a hand and body cream. It smells delicious, is super-hydrating, and is a great size for travel.

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5. A Go-To Lip Hue: I try not to go anywhere without a bold lip color, so the thought of taking an entire trip without lipstick is unfathomable to me. One of my favorite colors is fuchsia, and this creamy shade by Urban Decay gives me the boost of confidence I deserve while traveling.

Catherine Fuentes

Managing editor, @cat_fuentes

1. Concealer by Clé de Peau Beauté, $70, 2. Sleeping Mask by Sephora Collection, $4, 3. Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain, $30, 4. Travel-Size Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo by Living Proof, $12, 5.

1. A Miraculous Concealer: I can't imagine going anywhere without Clé de Peau's concealer because it totally hides under-eye circles and blemishes unlike anything else I've ever used. This stick is worth every penny—and it also lasts much longer than most.

2. Overnight Mask: Before I get on a long flight, I remove all my makeup and put on this mask. Because it's clear, I keep it on for the entire flight. Pro tip: You can get multiple uses out of one pod, so be sure to save the cover and store it in a Ziploc bag.

3. Multitasking Color: Benetint gives me the perfect rosy color on my cheeks, and even looks incredible as a lip color. Having a multi-use beauty product is a major key when traveling because it saves time and space in my suitcase!

4. The Ultimate Dry Shampoo: Living Proof's dry shampoo is a total game changer because it absorbs oil and sweat and it actually smells good. Why would I want to spend time styling my hair on vacation when this dry shampoo can prolong any blowout?

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5. Multi-Purpose Facial Spray: I never travel without Caudalie's Beauty Elixir because it can do pretty much everything. I spritz it on after flights to refresh my skin and apply it as a toner at night, and it's also great for setting makeup.

Chanel Parks

assistant editor, @chanelinezp

1. Hardworking Eye Cream: I tend to get little sleep when I'm on vacation—that means I'm likely to develop under-eye circles. I apply the eye cream day and night, so I can come back with that vacation glow even when I haven't hit my eight hours.

2. Easy Lip Gloss: I used to have a hard time narrowing my lip color options for trips, until this lip gloss came along. It's perfect because it glides on quickly and easily and I don't have to be in front of the mirror to apply.

3. The Dry-Hair Cure: It's hard to pack my entire natural hair-care lineup, so as long as I have a leave-in product on a trip, I'm good! All I have to do is wet my hair, add the leave-in, and finger comb.

4. The Classic Go-To: I use Aveeno lotion on a regular basis, and since it comes in a travel size, I never have to stop. It's great because it's light but deeply moisturizing so I don't have to deal with dry, ashy skin when I'm on the go.

5. Chill Face Mask: I stress out big time when I travel, so as soon as I get to where I'm staying, I slather the Moon Mask all over my face, elbows, and feet and chill out.

Rebecca Deczynski

editorial assistant, @rebeccadecz

1. Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, $24, 2. Kisstu Mig Herbal Healing Balm by Sóley Organics, $23, 3. Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer by Urban Decay, $28, 4. Restoring Rosehip Oil by A

1. Brow Gel: Natural redheads like myself tend not to have covetable dark, defined eyebrows, so I rely on an ashy brown brow gel to fake my way to perfect arches.

2. Everything Balm: I originally purchased this balm in a small health-food store in downtown Reykjavík, wanting to give Icelandic skin care a try. This concoction has become my savior for combatting cracked lips, rough cuticles, and weary skin all-around.

3. Concealer: I always need concealer to fight the redness that inevitably blooms on my T-zone and cheeks. When I'm traveling, I skip the foundation and use Urban Decay's Naked Skin for coverage that doesn't clog my skin.

4. Rosehip Oil: Wearing plenty of mascara and eyeliner every day requires a pretty good makeup-removal regime. I squeeze just a bit of rosehip oil onto a cotton round to swipe away my liner and mascara, and massage it into my face for some serious, heavy-duty moisturizing.

5. Stay-Put Eyeliner: For the past few years, I've worn cat-eye liner practically every day. If I don't have those two black, winged lines on top of my eyelids, I feel totally lost. Kat Von D's tattoo liner makes me look like me. Plus, it makes my signature look last all day.

Rebecca Bates

senior editor, @re.beccabates

1. Intensive Healing Hand Cream by Gold Bond, $7, 2. Lip Repair by Aquaphor, $4, 3. SkinClearing Blemish Concealer, $10, 4. Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara Petite Precision Brush by BareMinerals, $19,

1. Workhorse Hand Cream: A drugstore hand cream isn't sexy, but my flights home can be four hours long, so my travel skin care is all about healing and comfort, not luxury. A good moisturizer keeps my hands from feeling like a wizened witch's claws.

2. The Lip Balm of Champions: Plane rides make me dry out like a sponge, and Aquaphor is often the key to an at least somewhat comfortable plane ride. I also frequently go straight from the airport to family dinners, so I apply some lip color after I land.

3. Quick Concealer: There will be blemishes.

4. A Little Mascara: Between leaving the plane and heading to baggage check, retouching mascara can help get rid of what I call "sad plane eyes." Also, this mascara by BareMinerals is small and therefore super-cute.

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