Your Toothbrush Needs an Upgrade

As technology evolves, so do toothbrushes, which means wanting better dental care is a justifiable excuse for getting a nifty-looking brush. Below, find the next-level tech tools that will make you want to brush in the morning, at night, and in between meals (which, by the way, is recommended).

There's something thrilling about a new toothbrush. The start of a new cycle always carries the promise that this time you might do it better, this time you'll really treat yourself right and make sure to brush between meals, mind your gums (and maybe even floss!). And when said brush comes equipped with gum-soothing technology, or high-speed gears and features, it goes from an everyday utility to a fun gadget that you can play with at least twice a day. Throw in some sleek design—like aluminum handles and silicone bristles—and you've got the start of a brushing routine that's far more fun than one using the manual plastic and nylon brushes you find at the corner drugstore.

For a cleaner smile, and a bathroom-improving design, try out one of the cool and advanced toothbrushes below.

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For the Thrill Seeker

The Issa has silicone bristles, which are comforting for the gums and great for getting rid of any plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth.

Issa Sonic Electric Toothbrush, $200,
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For the Loyalist

Goodwell + co. offers subscription plans not only for their brushes—which feature bristles made of binchotan charcoal to stave off bacteria and bad breath—but also for entire brushing kits, including detachable tongue scrapers and flossers. And with a handsome aluminium handle that comes with a lifetime warranty, all you'll ever have to worry about is changing the (biodegradable and sustainable) attachments.

Premium Toothbrush, $10,

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For the App Extraordinaire

Think of the Kolibree as the FitBit of your dental care: as you brush, motion detectors look out for any issues in addition to tracking whatever you're already doing right. The data is recorded, then analyzed on a mobile app, which generates tips on how to improve your brushing technique accordingly.

Electric Bluetooth Toothbrush, $149,
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For the Overzealous Brusher

If you experience any discomfort when brushing your gums (and you should always brush your gums), you're probably applying too much pressure. Opt for this Chrome model, which is designed specifically to take it easy on your gums, no matter how hard you press.

Chrome Ultrasound Toothbrush, $200,

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For the Inattentive

With a two-minute timer that lets you know when you're done, and a subscription plan to ensure timely delivery of the brush's replaceable heads, this one's for the person who never wants to have to worry about buying a toothbrush again.

Electric Brush, $50,

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For the Indecisive

This gem of a brush by Oral-B takes the art of assisted brushing to another level with five settings that cater to any dental need—whether your aim is treating sensitive gums delicately, or whitening your teeth.

Pro 5000 by Oral-B, $130,
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For the Frequent Flyer

It can be a hassle packing an electric toothbrush for a trip, because they tend to be either too bulky, or switched on too easily, depleting the battery life. Travel with this lightweight and colorful one that will give you a good cleaning, wherever you are.

HI-923 Colorful, $13,
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For the High Roller

This one's bristles, in combination with the motor's speed, thoroughly sanitize small areas—and you can charge the brush using a glass (which sits atop a base that sends charging waves to the brush), computer, or wall socket, whichever option is most convenient for you.

DiamondClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush, $220,
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For the Rule Breaker

A round brush head? You bet. The atypical shape fits and cleans perfectly throughout the entire mouth (cheeks, gums, tongue), because your teeth aren't the only things that need love.


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