Gold Eyelashes Are Better

Not all false lashes are meant to simply enhance! These ones, for example, are extremely fun and show you have no intention whatsoever of looking au naturel. Read on to discover some pairs you might be up for, even if you think they're not for you.

Most false eyelashes are meant to inspire a level of admiration bordering on disbelief. They intend to provoke the exclamation, "My, what thick eyelashes you have!" followed closely by the hushed follow-up question, "But are they real...?" These, however, are not those lashes. These lashes are designed to announce your presence the second you enter the room—perhaps even before you get through the doorway, if they're long enough.

So apply a metallic, colored, textured, or feathered pair on occasions when you fully intend on capturing people's attention—say, a friend's housewarming barbecue or front row at your favorite band's next show. Our point is: You don't have to wait for Halloween or a costume party to try statment falsies, you just need a healthy dose of confidence—and maybe an emergency tube of lash glue in your purse, just in case.

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Metallic Lashes

All you need is a strobe light, and you'll be making the room sparkle like a disco ball.

Yellow Tinsel False Eyelashes, $5,
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Feather Lashes

Warning: This fluttery set may result in the irresistible temptation to give friends butterfly kisses.

Paradise Dreams Eyelashes by Baci, $6,
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Paper Lashes

These delicate lashes inspired by Chinese paper cutting are so beautiful we had to include a few! Which design is your favorite?

Top to bottom: Peach Blossom, $18,; Birds, $18,; Peonies, $18.
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Bedazzled Lashes

Rhinestones: No longer just for over-the-top phone cases and '80s prom dresses.

Rhinestone Eyelashes by Dasha, $8,
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The Demi Lash

Not all false eyelashes need to extend the full lash line! Add a little twinkle to the corners of your eyes with this mini, dark blue Shu Uemura pair.

Mini Star-Glitz Lashes by Shu Uemura, $23,
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Beaded Lashes

Don't think too much about the physics behind these—though you might want to drink a coffee or two for an eye-muscle adrenaline surge. We think that's a thing?

Winks Flash Lash Wild Party Lashes in Gold by Jerome Russell, $4,
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Colorful Lashes

These feathers will add a striking pop of color to any outfit, and are effectively a three-dimensional "cat eye," so say goodbye to the asymmetrical eyeliner of the past!!

Turquoise Feather Eyelash, $7,
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Glitter Lashes

The fact that these are called Mermaid Glitter Lashes is enough to sell us on wearing them to any beach party, pool party, boat party—really any party even remotely related to water.

Mermaid Glitter Lashes in White by From Niclove, $17,
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Sequin Lashes

Summon your inner harlequin with these sequined eyelashes, ideal for carnivals and discotheques.

Multicolored Dramatic Sequin False Eyelashes by 1HappyCanvas, $14,
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Patterned Lashes

The striking resemblance to watermelon here makes us think this would be the ideal accessory at a barbecue this summer.

Special Effects Lashes in Parrot by NYX, $6,
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