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Having an issue with your hair? Here are the best products on the market to help, as road tested by the Sweet team. 

If you were to visit Sweet HQ today, you'd observe a room full of editors with impossibly shiny, healthy-looking hair. Today, we come to work glossy, bouncy, full of pep. Why? Because we've tested the finest hair masks on the market, just for you. Hair masks are more nourishing than conditioners, and address issues like chemical damage and dry scalp. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, fine, or just kind of meh, there's something for everyone. Here are our favorites.

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Molly Elizalde, associate editor

Mask: Verb Hydrating Mask, $14,

Hair type: Thick and wavy, usually dry and prone to flyaways.

Mask experience: This hair mask has a satisfyingly thick consistency when you work it between your hands and into your hair.

Results: I have a perpetually dry scalp and thick hair, so while the Verb mask is super moisturizing, I was happy that it wasn't volumizing as well. After a wash with it, my hair was noticeably softer and sleeker—and the results lasted the whole week, until it was time for another treatment.

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Josh Davis, associate editor

The Mask: Hair Milk Curl-Defining Moisture Mask, $13,

Hair Type: Curly and, admittedly, a little dry. I typically don't use conditioner or product because it leaves my hair feeling sticky and unnatural.

Mask Experience: Because of the texture of my hair, I'd expected to have to use a lot of the product—which wasn't the case. It loosened up my hair nicely after only applying a touch, and I was able to run my hand through my hair without it getting tangled. I almost didn't want to wash it out.

The Results: My hair felt softer and looked more wavy after I rinsed out the mask. I felt like I was halfway to the perm I never knew I wanted—although I think this is a much healthier option. I've never been a big believer in conditioners, but this was easy enough, and gave great results, so why not keep it going?

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Tanya Weston, project manager

The Mask: BB Mending Masque, $38,

Hair Type: Wavy, with extreme damage and breakage from years of double-processing my hair platinum blonde. Yes, even the ammonia-free salon color will ruin your hair eventually! My hair is growing out from it now, but the ends are still a mess.

Mask Experience: All business. The mask is nice and thick, but easy to pull through my hair and not strongly scented.

The Results: This mask doesn't dress itself up as anything other than what it is: a serious fix for damaged hair. I couldn't believe how soft my hair felt and how healthy it looked after using it. For the first time in months, my ends resembled ends, not a rat's nest; and it stayed that way until the next wash. I think I need to keep this around forever.

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Louisa Holmberg, editorial producer

Mask: Technician Color Care Luxe Color Masque, $25,

Hair type: Long, thick, and, well, between us: I have been getting blonde highlights every two or three months for years.

Mask experience: The product's rose scent was light and delicious, and so was the lovely pale pink color. It was easy to apply, and it was nice to take five minutes in the shower to relax while my hair was luxuriating.

The results: I kid you not: My editor walked by me today and said, "Louisa, your hair looks blonder today." Just hours after using the mask! Maybe it's a coincidence, but I'm inclined to think not…. Actually, I've been getting compliments on my hair all day. So, all in all, I'm a big fan.

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Laurel Pantin, senior fashion editor

The Mask: StriVectin Hair Deep Repair Mask, $39,

Hair Type: Curly and fluffy, and super soft. It's pretty fuzzy and unruly, and also damaged from color.

Mask Experience: I like that it's not crazy thick—it didn't pull at my hair when I ran it through to my ends. (A plus, because my ends are basically shattered.)

The Results: My hair felt softer and a little happier after using this mask. I'm trying to grow my hair out from a pixie cut I used to bleach with Jolene cream bleach (the stuff meant to bleach moustaches, no joke—I was young and foolish), and I think my ends are leftovers from that look, so they're incredibly fragile. This made them look like they had the potential to be real human hair. I've been using it a few times a week since and am pretty pleased!

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Mallory Rice, deputy editor

The Mask: Nexxus Humectress Moisture Restoring Masque, $22,

Hair Type: Dry, with an upsettingly inconsistent texture (curly or wavy in some places, straight in others).

Mask Experience: The smell of the mask was immediately striking. More than just perfumey, it also has a vaguely medicinal scent that makes you feel like some serious work is about to be done. The directions say to apply from mid-length to tips, but I put it all the way to my roots, since I felt like my whole head could use some TLC.

The Results: Even as I was rinsing out the product I could tell that this was something more nourishing than your average conditioner. Blow drying was easier, and it left me with less styling to do afterward. Met up with a friend later who said he was "really into my hair situation today." That was nice.

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Maia Schoenfelder, social media editor

The Mask: TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Treatment Mask, $27,

Hair Type: Semi-wavy fine hair, but lots of it.

Mask Experience: This mask smells like Starburst candies. It also has a nice, easy consistency—kind of like body lotion—which made it effortless to apply.

The Results: Because my hair is fine, I worry about breakage, and products that are too heavy. This mask was light enough to not weigh my hair down, but strong enough to give it some much-needed extra attention. Post-rinse? It was softer and almost more wavy—in just the right way.

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Stefan Marolachakis, senior editor

The Mask: Nounou Hair Mask, $32,

Hair Type: Wavy, with a tendency to expand without warning.

Mask Experience: The texture of this mask is somewhere between Play-Doh and pudding, which means the process of running it through my hair was a joy. Its scent is a pleasantly subtle combination of earthy and citrus, giving it a natural, non-manufactured quality.

The Results: After rinsing off the mask and drying my hair, it instantly felt smoother, softer, and more lightweight. It's somehow still got a good amount of body without being out of control—and I didn't need to use any other products to keep it in check. What kind of magic is this?

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Maia Schoenfelder, social media editor (Again!)

The Mask: Chronologiste Exfoliating Pre-Shampoo Scalp Treatment, $44,

Hair Type: Semi-wavy fine hair, but lots of it.

Mask Experience: This mask (which is for your scalp!!) has a very luxurious smell, tiny beads for exfoliation and shimmer! It comes out gold and is meant to massage your scalp pre-shampoo. Excited? I was.

The Results: Fine hair leads to a lot of product buildup on the scalp, so I regularly use a scalp brush when I shampoo in order to deal with flatness. Having a scalp mask that basically massages your head for you is pure luxury. After rinsing, my hair definitely sits a bit higher on my head and—bonus—my scalp feels pretty moisturized (which isn't even a feeling I knew I could have)!

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​Chantal Strasburger, editorial coordinator

The Mask: Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask, $45,

Hair Type: Wavy, at times frizzy, and formerly partially shaved.

Mask Experience: So much fun! If you enjoy exfoliating face washes as much as I do, then you will love this. The formula feels like a creamy face wash with micronized beads that you massage into your scalp—and the experience is as relaxing and satisfying as that sounds.

The Results: When I stepped out of the shower, my scalp had that cool, tingly sensation you usually feel on your face after a good scrub—quite enjoyable! For third-party proof of its success, please reference a real-life message I received from a Sweet teammate sitting across from me in a meeting (not coerced):

Louisa Holmb... : this may be your best hair day ever. keep doing the masks they're working

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