The Best Men's Shampoos

Sweet editors road test the very best shampoos—for every hair type.

For whatever reason, most guys we know neglect their hair, using whatever shampoo is available rather than something suited to their hair. "When looking for a new shampoo, guys should keep their hair type in mind," says Jason J. Dougherty, a stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon in New York. "Generally, a gentle shampoo is best," he adds. With that intel, Sweet's resident dudes tested out some of the finest shampoos we could find.

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Christian Storm, Photo Editor

Shampoo: Philip B. Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo, $35,

Experience: The word "Nordic" in the title alone makes me feel like I'm seriously upping my haircare game. The actual shampoo itself definitely kept that feeling going. I'm not sure what the Vikings used to clean their hair (probably nothing?), but I'm sure it wasn't as nice as this. The shampoo smells like a plank of wood from a fancy sauna in the Hinterlands.

Results: There's no way to tell if it was the shampoo or the Norse hair gods smiling down on me, but I had one of the best hair days I've had in months. The cowlick on the crown of my head chilled out for once, and I got some compliments, which is always nice.

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Michael Russo, Video Producer

Shampoo: Aveda Men Pure-Formance Exfoliating Shampoo, $29,

Experience: I love this shampoo. First, it doesn't smell overly fruity—the light, gentlemanly fragrance is a relief. The shampoo contains jojoba beads and crushed walnut shells to scrub away dead skin cells or any product build-up off your scalp.

Results: My hair felt incredibly clean after using this. It might be a little rough on the scalp if used every day—Aveda recommends using this just once a week, and I wouldn't go beyond that. Maybe it's my new Sunday treat?

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Stefan Marolachakis, Senior Editor

Shampoo: Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo, $25,

Experience: This shampoo has a bright, fresh smell that doesn't feel synthetic and perfume-y. That along with its translucent, light-blue hue definitely makes me think of the beach—a bonus when it's 8 a.m. on a Monday morning in a 5th-floor Brooklyn apartment.

Results: My hair, which is usually dense and unwilling to cut loose, feels decidedly light and bouncy, not entirely unlike Cindy Crawford's hair when she strolls toward you after grabbing a soda out of the vending machine (as she did in her unforgettable '90s ad). And it's softer, too. This shampoo definitely works for me.

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Josh Davis, Editor

Shampoo: L'Oreal Paris EverCreme Cleansing Balm, $10,

Experience: Most conditioners that promise extra hydration for dry hair (like mine) end up feeling too heavy. This product is a cleansing balm (somewhere between shampoo and conditioner). You're supposed to pump a bunch into your hand and then rub it through your hair, focusing on your scalp, before rinsing. It doesn't lather like a shampoo, but it's also not as thick as a regular conditioner.

Results: Even a day after using this balm, my hair felt soft and wavy. I'd like this feeling to last, so I'll be keeping this one around.

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Sameet Sharma, Assistant Photo Editor

Shampoo: Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Shampoo, $19,

Experience: This shampoo smells natural, and not overly fragranced, which I like. The Tea Tree Oil felt cooling and tingly on my scalp—almost like my hair ate a breath mint.

Results: I've been using tea tree oil products since I was 13, so I had a feeling I'd like this. While it's marketed for thinning hair, a problem I do not have—knocks on wood—my hair still felt thicker and fuller after I washed it, and my scalp felt clean and fresh.

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Christian Storm, Photo Editor (round two!)

Shampoo: Marula Weightless Moisture Shampoo, $28,

Experience: This stuff builds up a very thick, satisfying lather, richer than any I've ever experienced before. It really felt like it was deep-cleaning my hair, which was necessary. It smelled nice, too, like some not-too-feminine flowers and fruit picked by beautiful women.

Results: After rinsing, my hair retained a nice sheen and felt satiny to the touch. If any of my fellow editors noticed me touching my hair more than I usually do that day, blame the shampoo. It also didn't make my hair fluffy at all, which can often happen. Kudos, Marula.

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