6 Tricks to Applying Makeup According to Eye Shape

Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg gives her tips and tricks to applying makeup based on your eye shape.

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What do Rashida Jones, Lizzy Caplan, and Tracee Ellis Ross have in common (other than their hilarious acting chops, of course)? They rely on the expertise of celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg for their alluring editorial and red carpet beauty looks. The Los Angeles-based cosmetics whiz has a diverse repertoire, from classic winged liner to avant-garde and pigment-saturated shadows.

We asked Greenberg to give us the quick and dirty guide to applying eyeshadow, liner, mascara, and more based on the most common eye shapes. Check out her tips below, plus get some visual inspiration for your next luxe eye look.

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Jamie Says: "The most flattering look for close-set eyes is darker shadow on the outside of them. It's also great to put fake lashes or extra coats of mascara on the outer corners of the lashes to give the effect of wider eyes."


Jamie Says: "For wide-set eyes, darker shades of shadow should be placed on the inner corners of the eyes, and brow makeup can be applied closer to the bridge of the nose. Use either a full strip of lashes or more mascara on the inner lashes to create a beautiful balance of full color."


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Jamie Says: "Use light shadows to highlight under the brow bone. A tight, dark eyeliner on the lash line is very flattering for this shape. Also, concentrate mascara or faux lashes on the outer part of the lash line for an opening effect. Creating a higher arched brow is ideal for this eye shape."


Jamie Says: "Place dark shadow on the lower lid to create a winning smoky-eye effect. Remember that dark shades make areas look smaller, while lighter shades make them pop. A full brow goes well with the round eye shape, along with a full strip of lashes and lots of mascara."


Jamie Says: "Angle the shadow upward on the creases to give downturned eyes a nice lift. Add some liquid liner with a wing flicked upwards to open the eyes, too."


Jamie Says: "Less is more with this shape. Stay away from shimmer, and the less texture in your beauty look, the better. Fill in the lash line and apply extra coats of mascara to the outside of eyes to open them. High-arched brows can lift everything, too."

Make sure to follow Jamie on Snapchat @makeupgreenberg for a behind-the-scenes look at her work (and to see some cool, famous faces).

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