Siri Just Got Its Biggest Update Yet

Apple just debuted your newest assistant, and she finally plays well with others.

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The new and improved Siri is will never leave you to your own devices. Well, actually, she will—but it'll just be this one shiny, new, and extra-useful device.
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So, it isn't just the iPhone that's gotten a bit of a makeover. Siri, that sassy assistant that tells you dad jokes and occasionally throws robotic shade, has finally been let loose by Apple. For the first time, iOS 10 will allow Siri to leave the Apple ecosystem and interact with your other apps—which means third-party programs like Pinterest and LinkedIn will be able to receive directives from Siri.

Siri understands that you have a lot of Lisas in your life, and wants to make sure you never mix them up again.
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Apple has always been known for keeping its proprietary (read: Apple-branded) software to itself, forcing other companies to come up with workarounds for integrating into the software. But now, with Siri finally able to acknowledge that it can, um, use other programs besides Safari, the digital assistant can actually, you know, assist. This means you can ask Siri to send a text specifically via WhatsApp, or tell it to search for fashion on Vogue Runway, or even James Bond it and use Siri to get yourself a ride using Uber or Lyft.

Yes, we know. Siri does seem a bit fixated on your travel plans. But listen, she just wants you to get where you need to be on time.

By loosening its grip on Siri, Apple shows that it's letting its voice-y assistant grow a bit while finally letting users talk to her in the apps they use most. Now, if Siri could just go through social media and strategically untag any flattering photos, we'd be set.

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