These Glasses Will Change the Way You Stare at Your Screen

Test-driving a new lens "made for the digital age."

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Staring at screens is a modern-life necessity. People check their smartphones every six and a half minutes. Just imagine how much screen time we'd reach if you added computers and TV to that. It all adds up to some pretty ugly side effects, including eye strain. (As many as 75 perfect of people who use computers every day report some amount of discomfort.) EyeBuyDirect, a budget site for specs, has a new line of "digital screen protection" glasses that promise to alleviate some of that pain. Cool—but do they work?

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Not hard to see: the customer EyeBuyDirect is going for.

I've worn glasses since I was 7 (!), and my job requires sitting in front of a screen for hours on end; naturally my interest was piqued by the potential of this new lens technology. I tried three pairs of glasses from this new Eyezen line: I ditched my contacts and settled in at my computer.

Always, always have friends weigh in on frames via Snapchat.
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Eyezen lenses come with a blue light filter, which softens the light emitted from computers, smartphones, and even TV. Excessive exposure to blue-violet light can lead to eye strain and focusing problems, and when exposed to blue light before bedtime, people can experience up to an hour of sleep loss. Here's how they felt.

Aurora, $179,

The first thing I noticed while wearing my new glasses was the clarity. Because my prescription is super-high (remember how I started wearing glasses when I was 7?), I usually have to pay extra for a special kind of lens, but the standard issue Eyezen lenses were just fine. The next pleasant surprise: I found my eyes were less dry over the course of the day than they were while wearing my contacts.

It should be noted that Eyezen lenses are single vision lenses, not progressive, though the bottom portion of each lense is slightly higher powered, which acts as a reading enhancement—a welcome feature not just when I scrolled through tweets on my phone, but also when I read my book on the subway.

Anahi, $132,

When it came time to go to bed, I felt relaxed, and like my eyes had a little less unwinding to do at the end of the day. It wasn't a huge difference in one day, but could be a game-changer in the long run, with fewer headaches and dry eyes becoming my new norm.

Concept, $179,

You can only buy these kinds of lenses online at EyeBuyDirect for now, and styles start at $115 (yep, that includes the prescription lenses).

Eyezen glasses are available at

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