10 Tips for Peak Streaks

Make Snaps worthy of a daily Snap back, and your streaks will go on forever.

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While it may seem a tad manic not to go more than 24 hours without Snapping, there's something comforting about the idea of you and your friends taking the time out of your busy lives each day to stop and think about one another—even if only for a second—and keep the streak alive.

There's something comforting about the idea of you and your friends taking the time out of your busy lives each day to stop and think about one another—even if only for a second.

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But if you're going to be putting the time in, why not take it one step further and get an actual peek into the everyday lives of your friends while giving them a taste of yours? As you begin to make it part of your routine, and invest in what you're sending your friends, you'll never accidentally miss a Snap again. Streak x infinity.

Let's begin with a fun hack to customize your Snapstreak 🔥 emoji.

Go to Settings > Manage Preferences > Friend Emojis > Snapstreak! > and pick your favorite emoji!

Now, read on for 10 tips to help keep your streaks alive.

Snapstreak Strategy #1: The Morning Wake-Up Snap

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The Time: As soon as you open your eyes.

The Place: Your comfy, cozy bed.

The Caption: A cheerful greeting to start your friends' days off on the right foot. Inspirational quotes, joyous salutations, and sun emojis are encouraged.

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: Just as you'd respond to a neighbor wishing you a good morning as you leave your house, you'd respond to a friend's Snap doing the same. It'd be rude not to!

Snapstreak Strategy #2: The OOTD

The Time: As soon as you're dressed.

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The Place: Full-length mirrors when possible, strategically angled selfies when not.

The Caption: As simple as "Outfit of the Day" to a full breakdown of what you're wearing.

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: Your friends will want to one-up your perfectly paired pattern play.

Snapstreak Strategy #3: The Weather Report

The Time: When the temperature hits its daily high or low, for full dramatic effect.

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The Place: Outside.

The Caption: The temperature filter says it all. Optional: an emoji or two to express how you feel about it.

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: When you're keeping in touch with friends in other cities, something as simple as the weather may seem unimportant, but it's actually a valuable insight into their daily lives. And trust us, when you're suffering through below-freezing temperatures, buddies in the opposite hemisphere will gladly Snap back with proof of their picture-perfect weather.

Snapstreak Strategy #4: The Selfie Roll Call

The time: Midday slump.

The Place: At your desk, in a food coma, between classes, etc.

The Caption: "Selfie roll call!!"

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: Whenever you and your friends are missing one another and you need a pick-me-up, do a quick selfie check-in. Full participation is guaranteed.

Snapstreak Strategy #5: The Tastemaker

The Time: Whenever you're doing something new or interesting.

The Place: Wherever you're doing something new or interesting.

The Caption: Taking a cool ceramics class? Reading a truly excellent book? Spread the word.

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Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: Friends will either want to give you their two cents ("I loved that book!") or ask you to invite them along next time you sign up for something awesome.

Snapstreak Strategy #6: The Health Streak

The Time: Whenever you're eating something healthy or breaking a sweat.

The Place: The kitchen table, the tennis court, the treadmill, spin class, etc.

The Caption: "😅💪💯✔"

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: Don't wait for New Year's resolutions to come around to get on a health kick: challenge your friends to eat clean and work out, and use your Snapstreak mission to hold one another accountable. Salad Snaps for days.

Snapstreak Strategy #7: The Crowdsourcer

The Time: When a tough decision needs to be made.

The Place: Thrift stores, grocery stores, your closet floor.

The Caption: "Help?? Which one??"

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: Need an opinion on which dress to wear or what brand of peanut butter is creamiest? Who better to ask than your trusty BFFs! And if they're really your friends, they'll give you their honest opinion (brutal or not) within seconds.

Snapstreak Strategy #8: 11:11 Make a Wish

The Time: 11:11 (a.m., p.m., or both!).

The Place: Wherever you happen to be.

The Caption: If you believe that telling someone your wish means it won't come true, just send the time-stamp as a friendly reminder. Otherwise, let friends know what you want more than anything else in that world right at that second. Yes, it can be as simple as "nachos."

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: No one wants to miss a chance at good luck—bonus points if you catch it twice in one day.

Snapstreak Strategy #9: Catch Every Geofilter You Can

The Time: Whenever you're on an adventure!

The Place: Any place with a rad geofilter.

The Caption: None required—just swipe left.

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: Any time you have an excuse to go where none of your Snapchats have gone before, take advantage of discovering cool new filters. When your friends see how dynamic the filter for the next town over is, they'll be Snapping back for directions in no time.

Snapstreak Strategy #10: The WRYD

The Time: Anytime.

The Place: Any place.

The Caption: "What are you doing?"

Why They'll Snap Back 🔥: Spontaneously challenge friends at random times throughout the day to stop and Snap back what they're doing at that exact moment. Mid-errands, mid-homework, mid-toothbrushing—everything is fair game. And if they don't Snap back, you both lose.

Only Use in Case of Emergency

  • Look out for the ⌛️! The hourglass emoji will appear next to a friend's name if your Snapstreak is going to end soon—so hop to it if you see one.
  • Entrust one loyal friend with your password and login info. When family camping trips threaten to take you out of service range for days at a time, or an unforeseeable divide comes between you and your phone, they'll know what to do.
  • Phone battery at two percent? Go into airplane mode to save power while you draw up your Snap, and then close out of it with just enough time to send them all off. Phew, close one.
  • Convinced a killer Snapstreak was broken in error? You can report it at support.snapchat.com and they'll rekindle the flame.

To see all these tips in action throughout the day, add me on Snapchat @chantagold!

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