How to Make Your Costume Pop

With the help of your favorite Snapchat lenses.

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Costume No. 1: The Dog Wearing a Halloween Costume

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Here's how to make any store-bought costume cute as hell: add the dog lens! Now you're not just a hotdog, you're a dog wearing a hotdog costume. Look like you're pondering the amount of control you have over your own life, as pups wearing clothes tend to do, and spend Halloween night staring forlornly at strangers until they give you snacks.

Costume No. 2: The Inception Costume

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That shark's mouth isn't just a hole for your face, it's a window of opportunity. Why be a shark when you can be a deer/bunny/fox being eaten by a shark? Cue up the Jaws theme song, dart across your smartphone's field of vision, and turn dramatically for the big reveal.

Costume No. 3: The Double-Mask

A Snapchat lens is just a digital mask, so why not double up and use one underneath the real deal? Rise slowly to meet your smartphone camera's gaze, pull off that rubber unicorn face, and show the world how cute you look as an animated pig (or zombie, or forest nymph).

Costume No. 4: The Slo-Mo Twirl

Dramatic vampire capes are even more menacing with Snapchat's slo-mo feature. Ham it up with a few giant, sweeping motions, spin around a few times, pin a couple bat stickers to your video, and then slow it all down to a snail's pace.

Costume No. 5: The Teaser

Not everyone finds their entire Halloween look in one super-productive shopping trip—it can take multiple thrift store excavations, hours logged in front of YouTube makeup tutorials, and lots of 2 a.m. Amazon deep dives. But if you know that you're going as, say, Eleven from Stranger Things, and you're super excited about it, there's no need to wait until you've got your costume completely figured out to start snapping. Grab an Eggo, fake a nose bleed, muster up your best "levitating things with my mind, don't worry about it" stare, and fire off those videos. The striped tube socks (or the courage to shave your head) will turn up later.

Costume No. 6: The Poll

If you haven't landed on Halloween costume idea just yet, don't panic! You still have six days, and posting a Snapchat poll is an easy way to narrow down your choices. Just ask your friends to screenshot it, check their faves, and message you back. Since no one else will see the results, there's no pressure to actually go through with that 100 Layer Makeup Challenge costume if you're suddenly not feeling up to it.

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