The Funniest WiFi Names in the World Now Have Their Very Own Museum

Think you have a clever WiFi name? It might belong in the Museum of Wi-Fi. Curated by Guillaume Roukhomovsky, this is probably the punniest archive on the internet.

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Hi, Guillaume! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a 27-year-old French art director from Paris now living the Dutch life in Amsterdam. I work at a big advertising agency, but I love making stuff that goes beyond advertising. Last year, I created Gimme, a connected glove that tracks and shares every high five you do, and now I have the Museum of Wi-Fi.

How did you come up with the idea for Museum of Wi-Fi?

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I've always used WiFi names as a way to "communicate" with my upstairs neighbors: ShutYourFuckingDogUp, PLSAnythingButTheFinalCountdown, the list goes on. When I discovered I wasn't the only one to mark my territory with wireless signals, I simply decided to collect all these funny, silly, and explicit WiFi names from around the world—and the Museum of Wi-Fi was born.

"Every time I go somewhere, I just wave my phone around like an idiot and screenshot every badass WiFi name I see." —Guillaume Roukhomovsky

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How do you source the WiFi names?

If you look carefully out there, our entire world is already a Museum of Wi-Fi. Every time I go somewhere, I just wave my phone around like an idiot and screenshot every badass WiFi name I see. A lot of friends now send me WiFi nuggets they've found in their own neighborhoods. To be honest, sometimes I feel like I'm turning into a router.

What do you have planned next?

Oh, there's much more to come. For now, the project is limited to its virtual shape: a simple website. But I'm currently working with some partners here in Amsterdam to open the Museum of Wi-Fi for real. Imagine a museum where you have nothing to admire but wireless signals on your phone.

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What's the best WiFi name you've ever come across?

"Really, Asshole? Curry Again?"

Scroll on for more museum-worthy WiFi names!

To see more WiFi names on display in Roukhomovsky's Museum of Wi-Fi, check out or follow them on Instagram at @MuseumOfWiFi.

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