8 Devices To Make Every Day a Little Bit Better

These gadgets are here to bring you into the future.

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For Improving Your Sleep Overnight

Sense, $149, hello.is
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Product: Sense

What It Is: A cute little ball that lets you know how your night of slumber went, why you slept the way you did, and the things you can do to sleep even better.

Coolest Thing About It: You can talk to it. When you're tucking yourself in at night, simply say "OK, Sense, wake me up at 9 a.m." and voila! The alarm sets. Then, come morning, you simply ask it how you slept, and it'll give you a full report. And if there's one area where we always welcome new improvements, it's definitely beauty rest.

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For Better Control of Your Remote

Bixi, $79, kickstarter.com.

Product: Bixi

What It Is: A tiny device that senses your hand gestures and uses them to control any smart device that you've synced with it.

Coolest Thing About It: Controlling any device by simply waving your hands seems like the best way to feel like an all-powerful magical wizard. Having a dance party and need your music louder? Just wave. Need 10 minutes of extra sleep in the morning? No more fumbling around in the dark for your alarm clock.

For Going Back to the Future

HyperAdapt, more info coming soon at nike.com.
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Product: Nike HyperAdapt

What It Is: Sneakers that lace themselves!

Coolest Thing About It: That would have to be the E.A.R.L. (Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing), the technology that enables the shoes to fit perfectly to your foot. If you've ever harbored dreams of being Marty McFly—or just have a strong lazy streak—these are the shoes for you.

For Those Who Could Use a Little AI in the Morning

Bonjour, $109, kickstarter.com.

Product: Bonjour

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What It Is: A smart alarm clock and friendly butler, wrapped in one.

Coolest Thing About It: Bonjour doesn't simply give you information the moment you wake up—it gives you the details you need. It not only warns against hitting snooze too many times—something we're all guilty of, all the time—but it will even tell you why you should be jumping out of bed (e.g. the drive to work is about to get some heavy traffic in half an hour).

For Learning How to Code

Root, $155, kickstarter.com.
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Product: Root

What It Is: A small robot that teaches you how to code.

Coolest Thing About It: Learning to code is one of those skills that seems intimidating at first, but it immediately becomes less daunting once you realize you can program a tiny robot to draw! After spending just a little time with Root, you'll pick up some serious coding skills—and have created some brand new art for your apartment in the process.

For Giving Your Smart Home a Friendly Face

Yumi, $349,omate.com.

Product: Omate Yumi

What It Is: Your new miniature, robotic best buddy, if you play your cards right.

Coolest Thing About It: If you love your Alexa (as some of us do), then maybe you'd like to give her a face? That's where Yumi comes in. Since it comes with Alexa built in, you can ask away as you've become accustomed to doing, only now you have the added fun of a touchscreen. Oh, and did we mention it has wheels? Here's to hanging out with your new little buddy, all over your home.

For Eliminating Under-Eye Circles

Iris, $139, foreo.com.

Product: Iris

What It Is: A massager that reduces dark circles, crow's feet, and other visible signs of aging around your eyes.

Coolest Thing About It: Between work or school, hanging out with your friends, and picking up any number of new hobbies (and reading Sweet, naturally), it's all too easy to get less sleep than you need. Iris is an under-eye massager that eliminates the tell-tale signs of being tired—like bags under your eyes. Besides, everyone deserves to take a few minutes out of their busy days to do something for themselves that feels luxurious.

For Really Smart Water

SWON, $35, kickstarter.com.

Product: SWON

What It Is: The first connected device to help you conserve water while you shower.

Coolest Thing About It: We all know that water conservation is critically important, and now we finally have a digital device that shows you exactly how much water you're using when you shower. The SWON smartphone app will also import the data from the SWON device that you add to your showerhead to teach you how to create new habits that will help you save money while conserving water. Win-win

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