31 Gadgets That Are Changing the Wireless Tech Game

The future is wireless.

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The 7 Best Gadgets for: Tangle-Free Listening

Like it or not, the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 is rapidly making your trusty old headsets obsolete, and ushering in a new era of sleek, minimalist Bluetooth headphones. For an extra-stylish take, spring for a pair of Will.i.am's brand new Buttons, which unclip and clasp around your neck with the help of magnets.

i.Am + Buttons Bluetooth Headphones, $230, iamplus.com.
Powerbeats 3 Wireless, $200, beatsbydre.com.
Essential Bluetooth Headphones R12E, $70, spigen.com.
Quietcomfort 35 Wireless Headphones, $350, bose.com.
Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones, $200, sony.com.
Freedom Wireless Buds, $180, jaybirdsport.com.
Infinim Wireless Stereo Headset, $150, lg.com.
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The 8 Best Gadgets for: Playing Major Lazer on Full Blast

Problem: Your favorite party playlist lives on Spotify (on Sweet's Spotify page, to be exact), but your phone's speakers aren't nearly powerful enough to be heard over your friends' abnormally loud speaking voices. But we all know plugging your phone into a speaker puts it at high risk of being DJ-hijacked—which nobody wants. Solution: Keep your phone safe and sound in your own hands (or pocket) by connecting it to a wireless speaker, and let your music play on.

Volcano, $100, ultimateears.com.
Beolit 15, $599, beoplay.com.
Barricade Mini, $40, skullcandy.com.
Mars by CrazyBaby, $329, amazon.com.
Chant Mini BT, $50, thehouseofmarley.com.
Soulmate Portable Speaker, $70, jabra.com.

The 6 Best Gadgets for: Going That Extra Mile (Literally)

Whether you're looking for a fitness tracker that will pat you on the back for the number of steps you take, or a shiny new bracelet to inconspicuously take note of your sleeping patterns, these wireless wristbands will have you (and your steadily improving health) covered.

Flex Wristband, $80, fitbit.com.
UP4 by Jawbone, $90, amazon.com.
Mira System, $79, omronhealthcare.com.
Polar Loop Crystal, $160, polar.com.
Pebble 2, $130, pebble.com.
Ray Wristband, $120, misfit.com.
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The 4 Best Gadgets for: Voice-Controlled Robot Butlers

The future is here in the form of these voice-activated gadgets designed to make your life feel exponentially more luxurious. These artificially intelligent towers may not be able to clean your house like an actual butler (yet!), but they can play music, adjust your thermostat, and read to you at a moment's notice. No matter the question, they always have the answer—a good skill to have around when you're trying to remember the name of the actor from that one movie.

Echo, $140, amazon.com.
Google Home, $129, store.google.com.
Ivee, $99, helloivee.com.
Homey, $330, athom.com.
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The 6 Best Gadgets for: Next-Level Apps

Connect these gadgets to your smartphone to transform run-of-the-mill, everyday items into life-changing technology. Bicycle handlebars become turn signals and light sources; your dog's collar tracks its location and health status; your basketball calculates your shooting stats; a measuring bowl does most of the kitchen work for you; a light bulb becomes a hands-free light show; and your shoes start doing the navigating for you. What a time to be alive!

Helios Handlebars, $299, ridehelios.com.
Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, $50, shop.whistle.com.
Wilson x Connected Official Basketball, $200, dickssportinggoods.com.
Kitchen Scale by Drop, $80, apple.com.
A19 LED Adjustable Color Smartbulb, $50, ilumi.co.
Mach Unisex Insoles, $180, store.lechal.com.
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