You Should Start A Diary Today - Here's How

Get it all out.

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Take It Day by Day

OK, OK—writing it all down can seem like a lot. You don't have to dedicate an hour a day to documenting every single thing that's running through your mind. If you just write a sentence, or maybe even a haiku, a day, it's easy to keep a journal (and create a memento that you'll look back on for years to come).

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It's OK to Look for Help

There are no rules for keeping a diary, and that means you can do whatever you need to do to to get your own thoughts, ideas, and emotions flowing. But sometimes you need a spark to get going. These journals help guide you through your writing—because, sometimes, a blank page just isn't inspiring.

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Find Your Style

Not every diary entry needs to begin with your standard "Dear Diary," and not every diary entry even needs to be written in complete sentences. By opting for list- and letter-formatted journals, you can test out nontraditional writing styles—and you just might find the perfect method for sorting out your thoughts.

Stay Organized

Addicted to your agenda? Opt for one with plenty of note-taking space, and it can serve a dual purpose: use it to record your tasks and plans, as well as your thoughts for the day. Then, save the agendas you accumulate over the years—because what could be a better record of the different stages of your life?

Consider Downsizing

Those moments when you're stuck in traffic (but not in the driver's seat), standing in line, or hanging around a waiting room can provide valuable time for planning, scheming, and dreaming. Get a small notebook that you can easily carry in a bag or pocket and, soon enough, jotting down those notes will become a habit.

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