The Secrets to Winning Every Single Snapchat Trophy

Is your trophy case looking empty? Here's how to fill it up.

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For the Social Butterfly

Reach a Snapchat score of 10. You get one point each for every Snap you receive or send, so this shouldn't be too hard.

Get a Snapchat score of 100. OK, we're getting there.

When your Snapchat score hits 1,000, you start to sparkle.

Look at you, shooting star! You'll get this trophy after your score hits 10,000.

Things are getting intense: for this trophy, you'll need a score of 50,000.

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Nab the rocket ship trophy if you get a score of 100,000. You can get this within a year of joining Snapchat—if you send or receive at least 137 Snaps per day.

If you manage to reach a Snapchat score of 500,000, you will be rewarded with a ghost trophy—and our complete and total respect. How many streaks do you have?!

For the Sneaky Snapper

So, you screenshotted one Snap. You can't be that bad, right?

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OK, 10 Snaps. Let's hope you're not using this as blackmail against your friends.

Screenshot 50 Snaps and you'll get this trophy, but you might also lose the trust of your Snapchat friends.

For the Aspiring Cinematographer

Congrats! You sent your first video Snap! Now, time to start shooting a lot more.

Once you've sent 50 video Snaps, you're practically an amateur filmmaker.

Watch out, Baz Luhrmann: this Snapchatter has sent 500 video Snaps.

When you send 50 black-and-white Snaps, you get this panda trophy—and also, an overwhelming feeling that you're starting to live in the world of French film noir.

Who says the days of silent films are over? You'll get this trophy once you send a video with no sound.

For the magnifying glass trophy, send 10 photo Snaps entirely zoomed in. (What are you looking at?)

Send 10 video Snaps entirely zoomed in, and you'll get the microscope trophy. Maybe it's time to invest in a telescope.

Send 100 Snaps with large text, and this trophy will be your prize. Hopefully, you'll get your point across, too.

For the Everyday Adventurer

Send a Snap with a temperature filter above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and you'll get this trophy (and a sunburn if you're not careful).

When you Snap a temperature below freezing, you earn a snowflake trophy. Let's hope you're bundled up while doing it.

Late-night Snaps are some of the best Snaps, and once you send 50 using night mode, you'll have this trophy to prove it.

Either you woke up really, really early or you never went to bed in the first place—and you were rewarded with this trophy for Snapping between 4 and 5 a.m.

Don't be afraid to let your light shine. You'll nab the flashlight trophy when you send 10 Snaps with your front flash on.

For the Newbie

Verify your email in Snapchat's settings.

And verify your phone number, too. Nice and easy!

For the Diligent Doodler

Send a Snap using at least five colors to get the lollipop trophy.

Getting really into it? Send 10 Snaps with at least five colors to nab a rainbow.

Sure, you've made a couple Snapsterpieces—50, to be precise—when you claim the artist palette trophy as your own.

For the Photojournalist at Heart

Submit a Snap to a live or local story, and you'll get this trophy, even if your Snap doesn't go live for the world to see.

Submit 10 Snaps to live or local stories, and this trophy will be your reward. Fingers crossed one of them makes it!

You'll get this trophy after scanning five Snapcodes. It's the easiest way to add someone!

For the Savvy Snapper

Just send a Snap with a filter. You got this!

Get this trophy when you send a Snap with two filters. (Sometimes you need more than just a Geofilter.)

Put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it—and get this trophy for flipping the camera in video Snap.

Up the ante a bit and flip the camera five times in one Snap, and this trophy will be your reward.

Here's a real challenge: flip your camera 10 times in one Snap and get this trophy.

For the Selfie Monster

Send 1,000 Snaps using the front camera, and the ogre trophy will be yours. With all the face filters to choose from, this shouldn't be too hard.

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