The Ultimate Snapchat Hack Guide

10 Tips for an Exceptional Snap

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The Snapchat Basics

Snaphack No. 1: Use Multiple Filters

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You don't have to choose between a flattering glow and a badass geofilter—add one, hold a finger down on your screen, and continue swiping with another finger to layer up to three filters at once.

Snaphack No. 2: Toggle the Time, Date, and Units of Measure

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Apply the temperature, speed, or time filter and then tap the numbers to switch between the imperial and metric systems. Now you can remind people of the day's date (especially if it's, ahem, your birthday) or teach them the Celsius equivalent to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Snaphack No. 3: Conquer the Color Palette

Finally figure out how to draw in black and white once and for all! Hold down your finger on the color bar, then drag your finger out onto the screen. If you move your finger to the far left, you will find white; at the very bottom is black, and anywhere in between are the varying hues of the rainbow.

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Snaphack No. 4: Resize and Color Your Text

When typing, click the "T" symbol once, and use two fingers to zoom in and out of the text. The formatting of the words will adjust to your sizing. To color your text, highlight the words (or individual letters!) and pick a shade on the color bar.

Snaphack No. 5: Pin Stickers and Text to Videos

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Record a video, then add text, or choose a sticker or emoji. Find a place on the video you want to attach (or "pin") them to, and hold it down. Allow the video to adjust to the pin, and then watch it make its way around the screen as it moves along with the video.

The Advanced Class

Snaphack No. 6: Format Text Using the Notes App

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Have a specific idea for spacing out your Snapchat caption? Write it out in your notes app first, then copy and paste it into your Snap, and it will stay in formation.

Snaphack No. 7: Use Stickers as Color Filters

Add a unique color or pattern overlay by choosing an emoji and enlarging it to fill the entire screen. If the emoji isn't already translucent, use your finger to drag it slightly over the trash symbol (without letting go!) and it will turn translucent. Continue holding it down over the trash as you send the Snap to capture the effect.

Snaphack No. 8: Use Emojis and Stickers to Frame Your Snap

Pick any emoji or sticker (or letter!) with the right amount of negative space, and enlarge it until it frames your Snap.

Snaphack No. 9: Zoom in for More Detail

Want to do some professional-level drawing but don't have an iPad or a stylus? Use the next best tool at your disposal: the iPhone's zoom feature. Follow the instructions below to get a closer look at your Snap, and improve your doodles by diving into the details.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Tap Accessibility
  4. Under Vision, turn on Zoom

Snaphack No. 10: Find Out if Another User Follows You Back

This one is less about your Snapchats and more about knowing your competition: Wondering if that one guy from 6th-grade Spanish class is actually following you back?

  1. In Snapchat, go to My Friends
  2. Hold down on their username
  3. If you see their Snapchat score, they are following you back—if no numbers appear, it's a one-way street.

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