There's a Store Where You Can Shop and Sleep

It exists. And it's not Ikea.

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You know the feeling: sudden, shopping-induced fatigue—it's a #firstworld plight we've all dealt with at some point. But what if that feeling came over you in a store with a bed, an impressive pajama selection, and a super-relaxing soundtrack?

What do you read in bed?
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That's what you'll get at The Bedroom, the pop-up shop from the people behind Lunya, a loungewear brand that believes comfort cures all. As the purveyor of the coziest robe ever—aptly called "The Robe"—and underwear tailored for a good night's rest, Lunya is really in their element here.

Opening Friday, December 2 in New York City, the shop will showcase Lunya's newer collections, like the luxe fleece line and the washable silk set, alongside an installation that mimics the evolution of a bed's day, from made to unmade. "The idea of The Bedroom is that we wanted to create something that's an experience and does great storytelling versus just putting out a bunch of racks to shop," says Ashley Merrill, Lunya's founder.

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"We bring a bedroom to will change throughout the day, so maybe a woman's got a coffee next to her on the bedside table for morning, and then it will change a little bit for lunch, and then change for the evening," Merrill adds. "It's supposed to be a fun way to see how we expect you to live in our clothes."

Lunya has other pop-ups around the country, including a partnership with quilt company Louise Gray in Minneapolis and a collaboration with Modern Citizen in Los Angeles. The brand also has some creative plans for the future, and while Merrill couldn't give us too many details just yet, we're excited to find out how Lunya combines shopping and sleeping next.

Find out more about "The Bedroom" at and if you're in New York City, visit the shop at 127 Grand Street from December 2 to December 21.

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