Do Anything Alone (Without Feeling Weird About It)

Start basking in how awesome it is to do things by yourself. Here are some of your greatest options.

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Dive Into the Deep End: Head to the Movies Alone

Why It's the Best: The movies may be the easiest place to go by yourself. As soon as you're seated in the theater, you don't have to worry about feeling self-conscious for being alone, since soon enough you'll be in the dark, waiting for the movie to begin. Going to the movies alone seems to be one of the "doing things alone" activities that people fear the most, but it can actually be a very peaceful, meditative experience.

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The Mistake Not to Make: Don't slink into the theater right before the movie starts. You came by yourself and you deserve a good seat. When you arrive early, you get to catch all the weird pre-previews, too.

The Pro Move: Let's be honest here: we all know that a small popcorn is never, under any circumstances, big enough to share between two people. But it's perfect for one person. Get one and load it up with as much butter as you'd like.

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Take in Art at Your Own Pace

Why It's the Best: When you go to the museum with a friend, you somehow end up moving through it really quickly. Maybe you don't bother to read the placards. Maybe you feel self-conscious about how long you stare at a painting. When you're by yourself, you can get as lost as you'd like, and spend some extra time staring at your favorite Picasso, too.

The Mistake Not to Make: Don't zoom through the museum just looking for your favorite pieces—take your time, and move slowly. You might just discover a new favorite.

The Pro Move: Forget the map. Walk around aimlessly and let yourself stumble into some happy surprises. Ask an attendant for directions if you're looking for something in particular—they're there to help!

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Dine Out and Catch Up on Your Reading

Why It's the Best: "Table for one," might be one of the most intimidating sentences you could ever utter—but it's totally rewarding. There are so few moments in life when you can simply sit and enjoy your food. This is one of them. And, you know, feel free to snap your meal. No one's judging!

The Mistake Not to Make: OK, take that photo of your food if your heart desires—and then get off your phone! Instead of staring at that tiny screen for yet another hour, bring along a book or magazine to peruse before your food arrives.

The Pro Move: Go to that restaurant that always has a long wait, and ask to sit at the bar.

Try on Anything You'd Like

Why It's the Best: When you shop alone, you can spend as much time you'd like rifling through the clearance rack, trying things on (or just taking selfies) in the fitting room, and checking out shoes that are identical to ones you already have at home. What's not to love?

The Mistake Not to Make: Don't think that you need a friend to decide if you should get that statement shirt or not. Only you can define your personal style—and shopping alone might be the path to figuring that out.

The Pro Move: The more disorganized the store, the better it is for shopping alone. Set aside a nice, long time to really look through everything on the rack, and you'll be rewarded for your diligence.

Just Enjoy the Music

Why It's the Best: Look, if you're at a general admission concert, you're going to get separated from your friends anyway. It's just natural selection. When you're by yourself, you can make your way to the front row without having to worry about your friends' whereabouts.

The Mistake Not to Make: It bears repeating: Don't be on your phone the whole time! Take a few snaps if you really need to, and then just enjoy the music. Sing along! No one around you knows that you're there alone.

The Pro Move: If anyone questions why you're there alone, feel free to add an air of mystery to your solo style; "I'm with the band" will sound totally believable.

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