Stop Using Pre-Made Photo Filters and Design Your Own Instead

Ever wanted to create a filter as unique as you are? Here's how.

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It's not just your photos that say a lot about you—it's how you choose to edit them. And now there's a new way to make them say even more, and have your feed looking completely different than everyone else's at the same time.

Pro tip: Bring some smoke bombs the next time you venture into the woods. Photograph by @jim_ntinas via @polaristt/Instagram
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Polarr, a free app available for iOS, Android, and desktop, takes your average photo editor and enhances it with a Photoshop-like array of capabilities. It allows you to clarify your photos; distort them; add shapes, text, dividers, and preset designs; use white balance to correct any color offsets from artificial light; and adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, highlights, tone, temperature, and shadows. It also allows you to mask your photos in order to pinpoint the exact area you want to edit. If that all sounds overwhelming, it's because it kind of is. Before you know it, you could be perfecting your photo for half an hour.

Talk about a before and after.
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If you don't have too much time on your hands, you can also choose from one of the app's pre-made filters, all of which are adjustable, so you can choose precisely how much to alter your image. Or—and this is probably the coolest thing about the app—you can save your edits and adjustments and create your own filter, which you can use again and again to bring your own unique social media vision to life. And, if you feel so inclined, you can even name and share your filter with friends or other users.

Download Polarr at the app store or edit photos at

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