Sweet's Death-Defying Snow Drive

OK, not quite. But this is what extreme winter driving looks like.

I grew up in Houston, where it was often muggy enough to wear shorts on Christmas. But I live in New York now, where I have to double up on tights and put on the world's most enormous snow boots just to get out of the courtyard of my apartment building during winter's roughest days. When I was 16, the challenges I encountered behind the wheel were mostly learning to navigate both freeways of staggering size and the kind of torrential rain any driver on the Gulf Coast has to contend with. So, when Chevy invited Sweet to come practice driving in serious winter conditions, I agreed, not really know what serious winter driving conditions even look like.

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Observations: It takes a lot of power to get up a snow covered hill—as in, full-weight-on-the-gas-pedal kind of power—or you'll fishtail all over the place. If you take corners quickly while driving on a snow-covered road, you will veer off into a snowbank (this happened, but it wasn't me, but everyone's OK, we're all fine). If you are going too fast, and you turn the steering wheel only to find the car doesn't turn with you, let off the gas pedal to add more weight to the tires before you brake. Braking right away is essentially like asking an overtasked car to take on more work.

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