20 Teens Get Real About Snapchat Streaks

We asked you, Sweet readers, for your thoughts on streaks. Here are the top 20 feelings you have about keeping the 🔥 alive.

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These Teens Thing Streaks Are the Best

1. "I would die if I broke a streak. I guess that sounds like I'm addicted, but I only keep streaks with the people I don't see often. Once I broke a streak because a camel ate my phone—so it wasn't my fault!" —Zoufishan (Tehran, Iran)


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3. "Streaks are the best because I get to receive a good morning message from all my friends every day." —Izzy (Portland, Oregon)

4. "I love streaks because when I hit 100 I do a gift exchange with the other person." —Leslie (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

5. "I try to be as creative as possible with my Snaps because I don't want to bore my streak buddies with a black background that just says 'streaks.' So they're the best because my creative streak project keeps me from studying (a better excuse than 'my dog ate my homework')." —Simon (Beijing, China)

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6. "When my friend and I started a streak over the summer, I felt like I was hanging out with her every day. I love streaks because they make me feel more connected to my friends when I can't see them—but I am totally addicted. When I lost one I moped for the rest of the day." —Rose (San Francisco, California)

7. "Streaks are the best because they bring your Snapchat points up! I send streaks every day at 8 a.m., 12 p.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m." —Francis (Bronx, New York)

8. "I love them! They're the only way I actually remember my friends exist—they actually remind me to text my friends and stay social. If I broke one, I think I would scream." —Xeenia (Pakistan)

These Teens Think Streaks Are the Worst


10. "Streaks are the worst thing people can send. I open a Snap, ready to see something cool from a friend, and legit every single time it reads 'streaks' or 'gm/gn streaks' and I am so sick of it. I open like 10 'streaks' a day and it's so boring. If that's all you ever want to say to me—don't bother." —Lana (New York, New York)

11. "My longest streak is 872 days long, and I have streaks with 49 people. I hate them because they control you. You can't break them, and if you do it's awful." —Lucy (Colorado)

12. "They feel like a false validation of friendship." —Maddy, Berkeley, California

13. "Streaks are like a drug and I can't stop even though I hate them. I set alarms to remind myself to send them because I'm that sad. One before I go to school, one when I come back, and one before I go to sleep." —Khwaab (Dubai)

14. "The person who I lost a streak with would kill me and unfriend me—it's the ultimate betrayal. I don't feel like I'm addicted to them, but I feel compelled to keep them up." —Alex (Perth, Australia)

15. "I hate them because if you lose one you could hurt someone's feelings." —Rozette (Dapitan, Philippines)

It's Bittersweet For These Teens


17. "It's a love-hate relationship. I love streaks because it's exciting when they get up to 300, but I hate them because you have to maintain them every day." —Sara (Naples, Italy)

18. "I like streaks—it's a cute way to quantify a friendship. But a good friend and I got into a fight and he purposefully let our streak die, despite it being well over 100. It made me really sad and we haven't had a streak since. Andriy: If you're reading this, I love you—bring back our streak." —Izzy (Madrid, Spain)

19. "I hate and love them. I hate when people send streaks but don't talk to you otherwise—they just want a number by your name. If you want to earn a streak with me, you are going to have to actually talk to me! Otherwise I am not giving you the satisfaction of having a number by my name." —Abbie (Alexandria, Virginia)

20. "I love celebrating every kind of contact I have with my friends, but I feel like I'm addicted to streaks. I have streaks with about 28 people and my longest streak is 418. If I lose a streak under 100 it's not that big of a deal, but if I lost a bigger one I'd probably die." —Matilda (Munich, Germany)

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