Why I Want You to Break This Major Snapchat Rule

For starters, it will let me get more sleep.

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Be thankful Sweet editor @mallory-rice was on the front lines of Kanye's Madison Square Garden mosh pit, so you didn't have to be.

My top three least-favorite Snaps to receive: "streaks," Snaps of friends hanging out without me, and—until recently—concert Snaps. The problem with concert Snaps is that I usually have my phone on silent, so the Snaps just come in as dark, blurry, mute videos of a band I've probably never heard of. So what changed? An extreme case of FOMO.

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Don't want to be surrounded by thousands of screaming Ariana Grande fans? Get a friend to do it for you.

One of my favorite bands, Years & Years, was having a concert in Brooklyn last year, and I failed to buy a ticket before it sold out. As I lay in bed that night, moping, I checked Snapchat and saw one of my friends was there in the crowd, front and center. I immediately turned the volume on high and watched the concert from the comfort of my bed.

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Couldn't get a front row seat to Jack & Honey covering Frank Ocean? Just follow someone on Snapchat who did!

At the risk of sounding uncool, I'm not a huge concert junkie. I hate waiting in line, I get tired standing around for the opener to come on, and I don't like going to bed late on weeknights. Yet, here I was, snuggled into my sheets, my head resting on a silk pillow, watching a Years & Years concert in almost-real time.

The next day I woke up feeling refreshed, my clothes didn't smell like beer, and my skin was bright and fresh.

The best part? My viewing experience was essentially a highlight reel. I'm the kind of person who listens to a band's top-five singles on Spotify and then declares myself a fan—this secondhand concert was letting me bop along to the chorus of my favorite tracks while skipping through the more experimental deep cuts and band banter.

When I was too far back at Austin City Limits for anyone to actually *see* Radiohead in my Snaps, I turned to the creative use of emojis instead.

The next day I woke up feeling refreshed, my clothes didn't smell like beer, and my skin was bright and fresh. And if someone mentioned how great the show was at work the next day, I could nod along in agreement—with full disclosure of my absence, of course (I'm no poseur). The main difference between my experience and my friend's? I didn't pay a cent. While nothing replaces the real thing, I realized then what a blessing those seemingly chaotic Snaps can be, and now when I see someone Snap at a concert, I'm first in line to watch.

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