What Was Your First Kiss Like?

We got you to spill about your first kiss—and let's just say it's not all fireworks and butterflies.

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From 😍

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"I was surprised when it happened but I remember thinking, 'His lips are so soft 😊.'" —Anne, Toronto, Canada

"Passionate" —Lucy, Adelaide, Australia

"It was a truth-or-dare sting operation in seventh grade. My friend 'dared' my crush to kiss me." —Robin, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Magical. Like a million fireworks✨." —Ruby, London, United Kingdom

"Ridiculously delicious and hilarious. I could not stop laughing." —Esther, Sonoma, California

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"~Ethereal feelings within the butterfly garden~" —Destiny, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"It happened after his eyelashes brushed my cheek as I rested my head on his shoulder. I had the most enchanting first kiss in history. He's now my boyfriend and my best friend." —Kaitlin, New Milton, West Virginia

"Sweet! We were both incredibly nervous—but the sparks haven't stopped since." —Nicole, Charlotte, North Carolina

"My first kiss was worth every day of the long 24 years I waited for it." —Katherine, Kingsport, Tennessee

To 😳

"Unexpected." —Kelly, Gympie, Australia"I missed." —Fifi, San Diego, California"OMG 😳" —Aisha, Muscat, Oman

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"A strange experience that took place at an In-N-Out at 1 a.m." —Marisol, Irvine, California

"He asked me if I needed Chapstick because my lips were so dry and chapped" —Charlotte, Brockville, Ontario

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"It made a loud, squeaky noise 😅." Lea, San Jose, California

"His braces scratched my nose." Emma, New York, New York

"Clumsy—how romantic could two 7-year-olds hiding behind backpacks on a crowded school bus be?" —Carrieann, Foley, Alabama

To 😝

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"Toothy." —Dani, Burbank, California

"Garlic-y" —Mary-Lauren, Benton, Louisiana

"Awkward as hell." —Sophie, Austin, Texas

"Not good! He wouldn't stop slobbering on my face! 🤤" —Stacy, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

"He tried to eat my face, and I took off in the opposite direction. I've been avoiding him to this day." —Hal, Apple Creek, Ohio

"Awful. He bit my tongue!" —Milena, Crespo, Argentina

"Disappointing. Everything I had hoped it wouldn't be." —Grace, Liberty, South Carolina

"My first kiss was a horrible mixture of slobber and spit from a boy who was obsessed with Harry Potter." —Breonna, Raleigh, North Carolina

To 🙅

"Hasn't happened yet—I'm too good for my options." —Lilli, Fort Worth, Texas

"Nonexistent" —Chloe, Sunshine Coast, Australia

"I haven't had mine yet and I'm 16...I want to but I'm scared!" —Katie, Painesville, Ohio

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