How to Make Your Room Match Your #Mood

Whether you're feeling neutral or extra, we've got you covered.

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Feeling Pretty Great Right Now? 😀

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How to Make Your Happiest Room Ever

Give your space a mood boost with curvy decor.

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Mira Mirror by Lauren Reed, $80,

Tipsy Writer, $35,

Mini Arch Vase by Lucy Michel Ceramics, $45,

Arch Throw by Arthur Arbesser, $129,

Bob Lamp by Talbot and Yoon, $150,

Do Your Friends Ever Call You "Extra"? 💫💖⚡️💥🌈🍇

How to Create a Wild-n-Crazy Room

So be sure to add pops of the color around your room. After that? Just go nuts.

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Masurkka Pillow Cover, $45,

Tuesday Bassen: Born to Win Tanline Girl, $100,

Rectangular Phone Rug, $1,119,

Doodles Print, $32,

King of Pain Print, $150,

Does This Face Describe Your #CurrentMood? 😐

The Secret to Making Your Room Neutral, But Not Boring

It's the trick for keeping neutral shades from becoming snoozy.

Face Ring Cone, $28,

Corkboard World Map, $39,

Galaxy Globe Mobile, $75,

Starman Vase by Seletti, $110,

White Peacock Wall Mount, $198,

Are You Feeling Restless? 😝😜😝😜

Give Your Room More Energy Than Ever Before

From games that double as art to reversible bedding that lets you change up your room's look in seconds.

Balancing Blocks, $48,

Dartboard, $140,

Helicone Desktop Toy, $65,

Fuji Cotton Throw by Michele Rondelli for ZigZagZurich, $153,

Batik Crackle Reversible Duvet Cover, from $99,

Are You Totally Zen? ☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️

5 Tricks for Getting Your Vibes Right

Sprinkle the hue around your room and then add plants for natural energy.

Prism Diffuser in Blush, $35,

Singing Bowl Bath and Meditation Set, $78,

Classic Slash Mirror, $275,

Assembly Home Eos Hanging Planter, $25,

Jack Puzzle, $95,

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