Give Yourself the Present of Charming, Stress-Free Gift-Giving

This company is here to make sure you get just the right presents for the graduates in your life. And if you're graduating yourself then it's self-gifting time, you winners.

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Picking the perfect gift is a delicate process—one that requires time, energy, and, yes, a little bit of money. In theory, it's a delight; in practice, it can quickly turn into a drag. That's where Them Gifts comes in.

Launched in December 2015 by three New York City-based artist friends, the site endeavors to make the potentially complex activity of buying presents a much simpler affair. Its navigational system allows you to filter by occasion, price, person, and mood, removing much of the pain from the decision-making process. 

Them Gift's co-founders, from left to right: Christine Lee, Christin Neal, Emily Ludwig Shaffer.
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With graduation season upon us, we turn to Them Gifts co-founder Christine Lee for some advice. "Grads deserve a reward for completing school," says Lee, "and also need a token of good luck for the rest of their working life! For real though: the post-grad reality check can be rough...we see these gifts as tools to help them through the transition."

When it comes to precisely the type of present to get the triumphant student in your life, Lee suggests you avoid gifts like monogrammed stationery or pens. Instead, she says you should "embrace items the recipients might be more likely to use on a regular basis—like houseware, cash-money, electronics, and job opportunities/connections."

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So, with that in mind, co-founder Christine Lee shares her list of gift ideas perfect for any of the graduates in your life.

For the Music Composition Major Who Literally Dances to the Beat of His Own Drum

Make Your Own Music Box Kit, $23,

A chill activity for the future Debussy.

Portable Karaoke Machine, $80,
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A stress reliever on weekdays, a party starter on weekends.

Michael Jackson Nesting Dolls, $63,

Tradition, humor, and artistry meet in this Michael Jackson-themed set of nesting dolls that depict distinct looks in his career all the way back to the Jackson 5 years. It's an ode to the King of Pop and a great conversation starter when entertaining guests.

The Rap Yearbook by Shea Serrano, $13,
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Music lovers will geek out while reading Serrano's alternately serious and humorous look at the most important rap song of each year from 1979 to 2014, which simultaneously chronicles the development and advancement of rap music. After all, Kanye might be the modern day Mozart—oh wait, it's Drake season now.

For the Computer Science Major Who's Always Plugged In

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Because sometimes we need to reevaluate our lives based on the red-pill-or-blue-pill philosophy. 

Camera Drone, $499,

Think of this as technological bait to get them outdoors.

Soylent, $108,
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A life hack to spend less time cooking and more time coding. 

Apocalypse Survival Kit, $200,

Preparation and anticipation are key!

For the Fine Arts Major Who Prefers Haring over Herring Any Day

Great Nudes Heat Sensitive Mug, $13,

As the packaging for this mug proudly advertises, watch some of the most famous human forms in art go from "bashful to buxom," from "prudes to nudes." The heat-sensitive technology keeps Manet's Olympia, Picasso's Mademoiselle, da Vinci's Leda, and their naked art friends clothed when at room temperature, and exposed when the mug contains a hot drink.

Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity by David Lynch, $10,
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An uplifting pep talk from the weirdest man in film! David Lynch provides tools and tips to hone in on creativity and work/life balance. 

Barbara Kruger Beach Towel, $95,
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Barbara Kruger's iconic use of lettering and collaged imagery is translated into beach towel form in this collaboration with the nonprofit Art Production Fun. A special, culturally significant, and useful gift for aesthetes.

For the Environmental Science Major Who Gives Their Plants a Good Night Kiss 

Commemorative Tree Planting in a National Park, $10,

A small, thoughtful gift for the people who understand that each tree can absorb up to a ton of toxic CO2 by the time they're 40 years old, and can lift up to 100 gallons of water per day from the soil and reintroduce it into the atmosphere.

Flip Flop Bath Mat, $22,
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Wilder upcycled the stamped out discards from flip flop manufacturers in the Philippines to create colorful, spongy bath mats—a practical gift for the anti-consumer. 

LED Indoor Garden with Herb Seed Kit, $100,

Self-productivity: eat what you sow, year-round.

For the International Relations Major Who Chooses Peace Corps Over Normcore

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, $100,

Classic minimalist design paired with contemporary digital technology: now your giftee can capture all their experiences while abroad and print them for others on the spot, or easily upload digitally later.

Waterproof Tote Bag by Rains, $63,

Keep those important documents safe and dry in this waterproof tote bag that's the perfect size for both everyday work life and weekends away. 

Tool iPhone Case, $40,

So they're fully equipped for what life throws at them, wherever they are.

Personalised Panama Notebook by Smythson, $85-$116,

This sleek lambskin notebook personalized with your giftee's name or sentimental phrase is the perfect travel companion when feeling pensive, a.k.a when they're without wi-fi.

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