This New Snapchat Feature Is a Total Game Changer

Every good party deserves its own geofilter, and now you can make one without even having to leave Snapchat.

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How to Make a Custom Geofilter

And now, four situations in which a custom geofilter will really come in handy at your summer barbecue.

Party Situation No. 1: When All You Want to Know Is Where the Party's At

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One of the most important things about hosting a party is making your guests feel special. One quick way to do this is to let them know they're exactly where they're supposed to be—and creating a "The Best Party in Town" geofilter will send them the right kind of message.

Party Situation No. 2: When You Need to Establish a No-Flex Zone

Everybody loves fireworks but almost no one knows how to light them safely. If you set up a "No Flex Zone" within a 100-foot radius of where the fireworks display is going to go off, all party attendees will know where they should—and shouldn't—stand come celebration time.

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Party Situation No. 3: When You Want to Remind People It's Malia Obama's Birthday

Yes, yes, yes, July 4th is Independence Day in the United States—but it's also Malia Obama's birthday! This is something you won't want your guests to forget, and making a special geofilter in honor of the occasion is a great way to ensure they all raise a glass to her at some point during the day.

Party Situation No. 4: When You Want Someone Else to Cook

If you're someone who wants to eat as much as possible but doesn't feel like lifting a hand, you're going to need to talk some people into tending the grill. The best way to do that is to make whoever is on cooking duty feel extra special—and a "Grill-Master Palace" geofilter is sure to do the trick. Maybe even buy a few plastic crowns to leave by the grill—your weekend treats will start getting hand-delivered to you in no time.

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