Google Unveiled a New Smartphone!

Here's what you need to know.

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According to its rating of 89 by mobile device review site DxOMark, Google has officially unveiled the most sophisticated smartphone camera yet, surpassing even the much-heralded new iPhone camera.

Unlimited Storage

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In perhaps the most envy-inducing moment of the whole presentation, Google announced that purchase of their new Pixel phone would come with access to unlimited photo and video storage on the Google cloud. The removal of storage anxiety is a real coup in the world of smartphone design. Way to be, Google.


It only takes 15 minutes to fill the phone with enough charge for seven hours of use, which sounds shockingly efficient to our ears. The less time we spend hanging out next to random electrical outlets in airports, coffee shops, and friends' houses, the better.

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Switching Made Easy

In a very savvy move, Google is including a "Quick Switch Adapter" with every Pixel that allows users of other phones (ahem, iPhones) to switch over to Google in just three easy steps. That is a power move if we've ever seen one.

Making Virtual Reality an Actual Reality

Yesterday's announcement wasn't just about the Pixel, with Google unveiling a number of other product innovations, including their new Daydream View, a VR headset built for use with the phone. At $79, the headset certainly looks a good deal more cozy and user-friendly than its current counterparts on the marketplace.

Google's Take on Facetime

They're calling it Duo, and it's got one feature in particular that stood out to us: when you receive a call on Duo, you can see the person video-calling you before you pick up. (So you can ignore the call if someone looks like they're calling you a little bit later than they should be.)

The First Phone to Come With Google Assistant

Google opened the event with a look at their Assistant, which is basically their take on Apple's Siri. Truth be told, Siri tends to appear on my phone only when I summon her by mistake, triggering a comedy of errors. I had some Assistant envy while watching the presentation, since Google's version prioritizes the fostering of graceful two-way conversations, and an enhanced understanding of nuance. Naturally, the Assistant behaved beautifully during the presentation, but it still remains to be seen how it will actually behave when you're sprinting out the door, bobbling the phone in your hand, trying not to be late to class or work.


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