This Pen Can Draw Electricity

Your Science Fair Dreams Have Come True

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This isn't your typical utensil.

In today's edition of "Technological Advances That Would Make Thomas Edison's Head Spin," we present: a $20 pen that has the power to conduct electricity. Suddenly, doodling has become a high-tech affair.


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Coming soon: drones you can power with a pen.

Circuit Scribe is a pen filled with silver, conductive ink. By simply drawing on a flat surface, you can use it to power circuits. Draw a line connecting the circuits—the sources of power—to other electronic components like lightbulbs, mechanical devices, and batteries, and the pen ink will effectively replace the wiring used in traditional electronics. "Circuit Scribe makes electronics more accessible," says Electroninks CEO and cofounder Brett Walker. "Everyone knows how to use a pen!"

Tfw technology looks a lot like wizardry.

So, what exactly can you use Circuit Scribe for? The possibilities are endless, even if you're an engineering novice. "We've had people use it to make an 8-bit pong game on a simple piece of paper using LED lights," says Walker. "We are hoping to make device creation more exciting and fun, to inspire the next generation of inventors."

Oh, nothing—just a light-up town powered by ink.

Circuit Scribe is available in kits that can be used by students, teachers, DIYers, inventors looking to get into electrical engineering, or advanced prototypers. Now it's possible to bring your drawings to life in a whole new way.

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