The Newest, Coolest Art Dealer Is a Twitter Bot

Your new favorite masterpiece is just a tweet away.

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Sorry, van Gogh.
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No matter how much you love The Starry Night, taping a copy of van Gogh's most recognizable work on your wall is, admittedly, a pretty predictable art choice. But now, thanks to a Twitter bot, it's possible to get a totally unique piece of art that captures the essence of the most beloved and famous artworks of all time.

Give it up for gold.
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Using facial recognition software most commonly used by investigators to catch criminals (even, ironically, art thieves), Artfinder's new Twitter bot, Emma, recommends artworks that are visually similar to any images that are tweeted at her. Love Rothko? You can get an original painting that evokes his deep, moody colors. Just upload an image (any image—even a selfie!) to Twitter and tweet it to Emma. In seconds, the bot will analyze the colors and patterns of your original image and send you a selection of up to 200 purchasable artworks on Artfinder that resemble those colors and patterns.

Botticelli would have approved of these colors.

As an online art retailer, Artfinder offers more than 250,000 artworks (many of them totally affordable) by 8,000-plus artists and galleries worldwide. And thanks to Emma, finding the perfect artwork just became as easy as complaining about an airline's bad customer service. (That's why everyone uses Twitter, right?)

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Emma officially launches on Monday, and potential art buyers will be able to tweet her @ArtfinderEmma. Not convinced that a bot can pick out a great work of art? Check out these recommendations we got from Emma.

If You Want to Show Off Your Wild Side

If You Feel Like You Want to Scream

If You'd Like a Bit of the Midas Touch

So, you can't afford an original Warhol. With a golden option like this, that's not such a tragedy.

If You Love a Good Impressionist

With heavy, romantic brushstrokes, this painting looks like it came straight out of Monet's studio.

If You're Not Really Sure What You Even Want

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