These 10 Amazing Tech Innovations Are Going to Change the World

In the world of tech, the advancements of tomorrow are happening today. Prepare yourself.

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Hover Vehicles

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Footage courtesy of AeroMobil/YouTube[

Not just a figment of your Back to the Future dreams, flying cars could actually be a possibility in the foreseeable future. Slovakian company AeroMobil is envisioning a world where you can seamlessly go from the road to the air, all in one vehicle. Their third prototype (their tests date back to the '90s) drives much like a car but can transform into a small plane in a matter of seconds—they say it's possible in the next two years!

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Flexible Television

Footage courtesy of LG/YouTube

Ever imagine a world where there might be moving pictures in our print media (and we're not talking about Harry Potter here)? LG's OLED TV could bring us one step closer to that day. The brand's newest display is a flexible screen that can be easily rolled up and stored away. While this first version can't be folded (only rolled) without damaging the screen—meaning we'll have to wait on the videos showing up in any paper products—this technology will make it easier to store a TV in a small space or set up a temporary video in a shop window.

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Solar Airplane

Footage courtesy of Solar Impuls/YouTube

Earlier this year, two men took an unprecedented round-the-world journey in a solar airplane powered completely by clean energy. Called the Solar Impulse 2 (the first one was also record-breaking), it's not the first solar aircraft, but it is the first to use zero fuel. This specific plane is not built to carry passengers, but it sends an encouraging message of what's possible for clean energy.

Virtual Reality

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Footage courtesy of Magic Leap/YouTube

Want technology that can take you to the farthest corners of the earth and make your wildest imaginings possible? Well, it's called virtual reality—and, yes, it's already here. While the tech industry has hyped ultra-secret startup Magic Leap and their yet-to-be announced product (one of their employees described it as "dreaming with your eyes open," but we don't know much more), Oculus' Rift goggles, which are available now, launch you into movies, games, hangouts with your friends, even other eras. Dream on!

Self-Driving Car

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Footage courtesy of Google Self-Driving Car Project/YouTube

What's the latest from the world of self-driving cars? Earlier this year, one such vehicle in China completed a 1,200-mile journey in six days. Companies like Google, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are all set to release models by 2020, so prepare to leave your driving days behind.

Project Loon

Footage courtesy of Project Loonl/YouTube

We might take the internet for granted, but two-thirds of the world still doesn't have access to it. In the next two years, Google's Project Loon could change that—and what better way to do it than with giant helium balloons? The balloons are powered by solar energy and will float at elevations two times higher than those used by airplanes. With prototypes currently hovering over the Southern Hemisphere, Project Loon could bring internet service to the 60% of the earth's population who are currently living without it. Who thought the internet could get any more revolutionary? Google, that's who.


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Footage courtesy of Hyperloop Technologies, Inc./YouTube

It's not every day that you travel at 700 miles per hour. But that could change by 2020 if the Hyperloop project has any say. While some think it's impossible, Elon Musk—Tesla founder and the man behind the Hyperloop project—strongly disagrees. In fact, the company website clearly states that "Hyperloop is real." So we'd better get ready to believe it. This futuristic transportation system will be moving you around in supersonic speed pods that arrive every 10 seconds—and reportedly, this is all happening in just four years.

Space Plane

Footage courtesy of DARPA/YouTube

Launching satellites into space is quite the expensive venture, but the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's new space plane, which is being backed by the Obama Administration, has developed a reusable launch system that could cut the cost down to just $5 million (while that sounds like a lot, the norm is $50–$400 million). Flights could start as soon as 2017.

Bionic Arm

Footage courtesy of JHU Applied Physics Laboratory/YouTube

Next-generation prosthetics are almost here. Engineers at Johns Hopkins University are in the early stages of creating a robotic arm that directly connects to the user's nerve endings. This means that the person will be able to control the arm just like any other one of their limbs: with their mind. While there's no clear time frame, reports say the technology will be available in the next few years.

Drone Delivery

Footage courtesy of Amazon/YouTube

You probably haven't heard much breaking news from Hawthorne, Nevada, recently, but as of March, it's become home to the world's first drone delivery. While Amazon is touted as the company that's going to make this technology happen, it's actually one called Flirtey that's making it into the history books for this tech moment. Don't worry, though: Amazon is still developing its Prime Air delivery service.

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