Robots Are Reviving the Lost Art of Penmanship

Want perfect handwriting? Ask a robot.

There's always been something warm and comforting about a handwritten note. They communicate a sense of intimacy that messages on machines can't quite convey. But what happens when a machine is doing the handwriting, and beautiful handwriting no less?

That's the premise of the AxiDraw.

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There is something so satisfying about watching beautiful things get written—even when a robot is doing that writing.

Robotic writing isn't new. It's got a particularly noted history in presidential politics, with Thomas Jefferson and Harry Truman proving to be fans of auto-writing machines. George W. Bush once commissioned a study into the constitutionality of the procedure, and it proved to be legal. President Obama has been a big fan of the Autopen, and ended up using a robotic signature of some crucial legislation.

If its good enough for presidents, the AxiDraw's creators at Evil Mad Scientists figure, why shouldn't it be good enough for you?

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Source: Evil Mad Scientists via Digg

From: Popular Mechanics
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