What Does a Cute Printer Even Look Like?


A Germany-based industrial designer has turned the household printer—that ugly, hulking mass of metal and plastic—into a cheerful, toy-like device. The size of a small briefcase, everything about Ludwig Rensch's three-in-one printer, scanner, and copier—Paper—is designed to be as compact and simple as possible: A spool feeds paper into the printer vertically; a flap covers a screen used for scanning and copying; and the control panel has been simplified to about five buttons and switches. Users can print from the Paper app and receive notifications when scans are ready, which means Rensch's printer isn't just some obnoxious desk appliance, but an elegant device that fits neatly into users' digital-based lives.

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A simple printer makes for a simpler life.

The printer pulls paper in from a spool. Colored lights keep users notified about ink supply.

Paper isn't for sale just yet, but you can stay updated on the printer's launch by visiting wewantpaper.com. Check out Rensch's other projects at ludwigrensch.com.

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