You Could Make the Next Big Tech Start-Up

Just play this game!

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Pitch Deck is the absurdist start-up game that *could* lead to your first million. Creative risk-takers, step right up.

Sounds like a good time, right?

One of the start-up world's favorite jokes has officially become a multi-player card game (well, almost—it's still on Kickstarter, but it has exceeded its funding goal).

Pitch Deck is a fun, satirical concept making light of the all-too-common (and, frankly, lazy) way businesses looking to get funding or press often explain their concept by comparing themselves to an already successful business: "It's Tinder, but for patio furniture." "It's just like Seamless—but for acupuncture."

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It's become so prevalent in pitches that it's pretty ineffective—but still very fun to play Silicon Valley Frankenstein.

Definitely would back WebMD for male tears.
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Consider the game a tabletop version of Shark Tank, with a wholly tongue-in-cheek edge. Each round, one player is the designated investor, who chooses which type of company model they want pitches for (e.g., Tinder, Airbnb, Snapchat, etc.). The other players draw a Pitch card at random (mostly random nouns and verbs, like Juggalos or sleep eating). The challenge is to give a quick elevator pitch describing what their business does, and why it's worth backing.

The investor then decides which company all the players should invest in. At the end of the game, there are two winners: the person who proposed the company that received the most funding, and the person who invested the most in that company.

Like designy-y Monopoly money.

For $25, you can get a copy of Pitch Deck by pledging to its Kickstarter. But if your need to create the next great start-up can't wait that long, you can also print the game out at home. Time to start churning out those world-shifting ideas.

Get your copy of Pitch Deck with a $25 pledge at, shipping June 2017.

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