Could This Be the Coolest Phone Charger Ever?

It's a lantern! It's a flotation device! And it's a phone charger that *doesn't* require an outlet. Introducing LuminAID's PackLite Max Phone Charger.

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Imagine never having to plug your phone into the wall again. Seems like a dream, right? But when your charger is solar-powered, that fantasy becomes an incredibly convenient reality.

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The PackLife Max is a new portable phone charger designed to keep your battery levels high, even when you're lazing on the beach or trekking a hiking trail. The solar panel is ultra-efficient, so just one day in the sun will charge your phone, tablet, or camera.

The charger folds up for easy toting, but it can also be inflated and lit up for when you need some extra light (or an additional decor accent).

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LuminAID has also partnered with SCM Medical Missions to distribute the device to Syrian refugees in Jordan. The company's goal is to send 1,000 chargers to refugees—and if its Kickstarter earns more than $200,000, it will send an additional thousand chargers.

When you can help others just by keeping your phone charged and your surroundings illuminated with a cool puffy lantern, it's easy to do the right thing.

PackLite Max Phone Charger by LuminAid, $35,

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