This New App Makes Video Editing Easy

Want more out of your videos, but still have no idea how to work iMovie? Meet Clips, Apple's new and incredibly easy-to-use video editing app.

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At the end of a successful weekend, my camera roll is full of videos. Videos of friends eating pancakes, videos of dogs waiting outside cafes, videos of vintage finds I can't afford, etc., etc. But those cherished little moments never see the light of day—because what am I going to do, spam my friend's feeds with a million short films? Thankfully (for them) I no longer have to answer that question, because Apple has just opened up a whole new world of video editing with their new app, Clips.

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Clips lets you take photos and record video and then combine them with music to create a customized movie in minutes. You can pull tracks from your own iTunes, or choose from a library of ready-to-use songs created by Apple—including a score by legendary composer Hans Zimmer (of The Dark Knight fame). Layer comic book-inspired filters, animated posters, your favorite emojis, and speech bubbles to your film, then share them directly from the app to whichever platform you like best.

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We took Clips behind the scenes of one of our photo shoots (for a story you'll see on Snapchat tomorrow!) to give you an idea of the kind of filters, sounds, and stickers you can play around with. Check out our mini Clips movie below!

Don't miss Sweet's beauty editor Chanel Parks testing out the Live Titles technology towards the end!

Our favorite feature? Live Titles, which transcribes what you're saying (across 36 languages!), as you say it. Just shoot, speak, and watch the words pop up on the screen in real time to create your very own subtitles. Simple, yet incredibly mesmerizing. The time limit is capped at 30 minutes of footage per movie—so let's get cutting.

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