This Camera Is Way Less Intimidating Than It Looks

No more complicated bells and whistles—photography just got a whole lot simpler.

Before embarking on a monthlong backpacking trip several years ago, I saved up and bought a very fancy camera. It had multiple lenses, numerous settings, various configurations—and I had no idea how any of them worked. I traveled through Eastern Europe fiddling with the toggles and switches before every photo and hoping for the best. The photos turned out horribly. To this day, I rarely pick up that camera because I still find it intimidating.

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The Croz DIY Digital Camera is the exact opposite of that. It looks a little daunting—with its transparent acrylic case that reveals the intricate inner workings of the circuit board—but it's incredibly straightforward. The camera features only two switches: the on/off button, which also doubles as the shutter release, and a switch that toggles between different photo effects. The Croz also comes with attachable fish-eye and wide-angle lenses so you can play around with visual distortions and focal length. So, what do you say—ready to give photography another go?

Don't judge a camera by its, uh, cover.

Croz DIY Digital Camera, $140,

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