The Best Way to Instagram Your Next Vacation

This Instagram feed will give you serious wanderlust, one color at a time.

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Lucy Litman has a thing for Pantone colors. Specifically, matching the perfect shade to food—which is how #pantoneposts was born. Documenting everything from bagels and cream cheese to sashimi and soy sauce, the San Francisco-based digital marketer and photographer started a series that captures the exact Pantone shade in Instagrams that are both visually satisfying and delightfully mouth-watering.

Avocado toast gets a colorful upgrade.
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We chatted with Litman about the process behind her photographs, and what she has planned next. Check out her striking images below!

Spot-on at Hooker Lake. 'Yes, that's the actual lake name,' she jokes.
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How did you come up with the #pantoneontheroad series?

I went on a solo road trip through New Zealand, and one thing I kept noticing was how blue the lakes were. I was taking pictures, but I felt like they didn't really do it justice, so I dug up some Pantone Cards I had packed and used those as a reference so people could see how brilliantly blue the water was.

Have you ever seen a more shocking blue than the waters of Lake Pukaki?

How did you decide on where to go for the locations?

I honestly just drove. I was coming off a busy month of work and needed time to clear my head. Sometimes if I saw a mountain, I would just drive in that direction and see what it was.

A calming shade of teal at Blue Pools.

What was the biggest challenge?

I wish I would have planned more—so much more I could have seen! There are some other crazy-colored things I would have loved to see.

An icy white for Tasman's Glacier.

What's next for your Pantone cards?

I'd love to travel to more places and expand this project! Maybe do different succulents in the desert.

For more creative Pantone matches, follow Litman on Instagram @lucialitman, or check out her website,

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