The Coolest New Way to Take a Selfie

This crafty camera captures its subjects in a way you've never seen before.

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What do a pile of straws and a phone have in common? For most of us, not much, but artists Michael Farrell and Cliff Haynes saw a major connection: together they could take some impressive photos.

The straw camera, in all its glory.
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In 2007, the duo created the straw camera out of a box and 32,000 drinking straws, using the pinhole camera technique. Each photo taken with the camera is completely unique, and distorts its subjects in a way that traditional point-and-shoots simply can't.

So many shades of gray.
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While the straw camera itself isn't available for sale, it shows how innovative one can be when capturing an image. It might just be time for you to grab some everyday objects and fashion a camera for your next self-portrait. After all, true art never stops evolving—why should the selfie be any different?

Straw Camera by Michael Farrell and Cliff Haynes, $31,

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