Do Your Memories Have a Color?

Imagine if you could store every memory as a color in your head. Welcome to Kristin Texeira's world.

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For people who claim to have the neurological condition synesthesia, experiencing one sense (like tasting ice cream) will cause them to experience another sense (like seeing the color pink) involuntarily. Artist Kristin Texeira might be said to have synesthesia lite. "Color is what I see when I hear music, taste wine, or read the titles of short stories," the Massachusetts-born, Brooklyn-based artist explains on her website. "It is how I decipher new places when traveling, and the people I meet along the way." When Texeira mixes her oil paints and applies them to her compositions, what she's really doing is recounting a story, illustrating an experience, or mapping out a location.

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Texeira, who cites Helen Frankenthaler and Ray Bradbury as major influences of her work, bases her paintings off interactions with people and places. She uses color as a vocabulary to tell stories and decode the world around her, painting to preserve memories and capture time. "I translate the essence of moments through color by mixing up the poetics of people and places," writes Texeira. "This process preserves memories as tangible 'maps.'" All it takes is one glance at her memory maps to get a grasp of the color-filled world Texeira experiences, and the delightful way she interprets it.

Want a piece of Texeira's colorful work for yourself? Check out her prints, totes, and sweaters below!

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"Turtle Island (Somewhere in Central Park)", $120.

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All pieces available at Follow Texeira at @kristintexeira and check out her website,, for more.

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