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These are not your grandpa's backgammon boards.

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Antler Backgammon Board by Alexandra Llewellyn.
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When you think backgammon, you probably think about the dusty old board game you used to play with your grandparents. The last word you'd likely associate backgammon with is "rad." Which is why we were surprised when we found ourselves blurting out that exact word on encountering British designer Alexandra Llewellyn's bespoke backgammon boards.

Pieces made from lacquered aluminum atop the Palm Backgammon Board.
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For Llewellyn, backgammon has always been a part of her day-to-day life. "I have played backgammon all my life, and my love of the game was cemented as a child in Cairo," she says. Once she was older, Llewellyn began to see the potential for artistry in the boards. "I began to play with the design and I found that it was a great canvas for imagery," she says.

Peacock Backgammon Board by Alexandra Llewellyn.

Each of Llewellyn's boards are decorated with ornate hand-painted images, from palm leaves to peacock feathers to carnival characters. For Llewellyn, "keeping the British flag flying" is an integral part of her design process, so to create each custom-made board, she works exclusively with U.K.-based craftspeople. While the boards aren't exactly priced within most of our budgets, it's still nice to know they exist. And, hey—if you're able to buy one, please feel free to invite us over for a round.

Pheasant Backgammon Board by Alexandra Llewellyn.

Backgammon Boards by Alexandra Llewellyn, from $4,820, For bespoke, Prices may vary.

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