Custom Decor Is No Longer Just for Big Budgets

This site just made it easy.

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Rug by Floorstory, starting at $485.
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Have you ever fallen in love with a gorgeous rug online, ordered it, realized it won't actually fit in your teeny room, and then had to use heavy-duty scissors to trim seven inches off the perimeter? Because I have. Which is why I was thrilled to hear that go-to style site Indelust was launching a made-to-order service for select design objects and furniture. "Many of our customers started requesting custom pieces on a regular basis across our product array," explains Sana Rezwan, founder and creative director of the site, "so we felt that we had to give them an easier way to place specialty orders."

Doubtful Claymen by Aman Khanna, $150.
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For those not yet acquainted with Indelust, there's a lot to get excited about. The online shop offers curated, ethically sourced fashion, objects, and furniture, mainly from independent designers from India. The made-to-order selection ranges from quirky pottery and artisan-made wood furniture to colorful patchwork and batik rugs, dhurries, and chairs. Rezwan's top pick? The Mahogany Live Edge Table by Pakrit, which was constructed with recycled wood from trees uprooted by a cyclone in Auroville, India. "You can change the legs with a steel finish for a more industrial look," Rezwan notes, "or imbed a lake-shaped piece of glass if you're looking to make a statement."

Dining table by Prakit, $2,160.

The best part? Unlike most made-to-order design services, Indelust's take is actually affordable, with prices starting at $150. And since each piece is handcrafted, the one you receive will be a true one-of-a-kind.

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